Siemens is set to launch its new Digital Rail Services business segment in the US, which will aim to digitalise the country's rail industry.

The new unit will use intelligent sensors and advanced software platforms to analyse data points in rail systems and improve rail operations across the US.

Rail operators will be able to improve their operations and create an ‘Internet of Trains’ to digitalise infrastructure and vehicles.

The Digital Service business is powered by software tools and helps rail operators decrease unplanned downtime and generate energy and cost savings.

Siemens mobility digital services in North America head Simon Davidoff: “Today, rail vehicles send between one and four billion data points per year and rail infrastructure can send billions of messages just inside a specific system.

“With our Digital Services business, we’re taking not only experience from our global rail footprint but also our extensive company-wide digital expertise to turn billions of data points into action, including the ability to detect malfunctions well before they can cause problems and information that helps improve arrival times and punctuality for riders.”

"We’re taking not only experience from our global rail footprint, but also our extensive company-wide digital expertise to turn billions of data points into action."

The new portfolio combines Siemens’ global digital analytics expertise with its rail industry knowledge in manufacturing, automation technologies, power infrastructure equipment and service.

Siemens’ Digital Services hub will be located in Atlanta, Georgia, and its portfolio will be supported via a new East Coast locomotive service headquarters in New Castle, Delaware.

The services are based on a cloud-based industrial data analytics platform known as Railigent ,which is connected to the company’s Mindsphere IoT operating system and includes smart monitoring for real-time insight on vehicle state and location.

The Atlanta-based Siemens Digital Services team will procure information through on-board systems from the Siemens-built Atlanta Streetcar to evaluate data points.

Additionally, the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) of Charlotte, North Carolina, are working on a pilot programme in collaboration with Siemens, which will analyse light rail system data to formulate bespoke maintenance recommendations.