Russian Railways has allocated RUB76.1bn ($2.19bn) to purchase 629 new locomotives, including 352 electric and 277 diesel vehicles, as part of its 2014 investment programme.

The network fleet is expected to be expanded with 40 DC electric freight locomotives with the 2ES10 Granite asynchronous traction drive, five AC electric freight locomotives with the 2ES5 asynchronous traction drive, eight AC electric freight locomotives 2ES5K, 110 DC electric freight locomotives 2ES6 Sinara and 121 AC electric freight locomotives 3ES5K Yermak.

Russian Railways currently has a fleet of more than 20,000 locomotives.

The company may also supplement its fleet by a single unit of direct current electric freight locomotives 3ES4K, 74 2TE116U diesel freight locomotives, eight diesel freight locomotives with 2TE25A Vityaz asynchronous traction drive, seven 2TE25AM with MTU diesel locomotives, 24 3TE116Y locomotives, 40 2TE116UD with diesel by General Electric, and a single main line gas turbine locomotive GT1h running on liquefied natural gas.

The company is also planning to purchase 12 EP20 dual-voltage electric passenger locomotives, 50 EP2K direct current passenger electric locomotives, five passenger alternating current electric locomotives EP1M, and 30 TEP70BS diesel passenger locomotives.

The network’s fleet of shunting diesel locomotives will be further supplemented by 40 TEM18DM units, 20 TEM18V units with engines made by Wärtsilä, 23 TEM7A units, eight TG16M units, a sigle unit of TEM9N unit with a hybrid power plant, and a single TEM19 with a gas reciprocating engine.

Image: An electric locomotive of Russian Railways. Photo: courtesy of Zimin VG.