Italian railway diagnostics and signalling firm Mermec has been contracted by the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) to provide measurement and inspection services for the country’s entire network.

The ten-year contract requires the company to provide advanced inspection facilities for the 5,960km line starting in 2019. There is also an option to extend the contract for a further five years, the company said.

Mermec will take responsibility to build a measuring train and get the certification in compliance with European standards over the next two years. The special vehicle will be a bi-modal diesel-electric unit, which will be able to run at 160kmph.

"Mermec will provide advanced inspection facilities for the 5,960km line starting in 2019."

To be equipped with automatic measurement and inspection systems, the train will be able to identify any critical issues affecting safety and evaluate the infrastructure’s operating conditions for efficient predictive planning of maintenance and renewal work.

The contract includes ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the measuring vehicle and its supply of optoelectronics, such as systems for measuring track geometry, rail profile, rail corrugation, switches, ride comfort, catenary geometry, and contact wire wear. The systems will be integrated with a new high-performance ultrasound, which is used to identify any internal defects.

Image: An illustration of a measuring train to be built for Finnish rail network. Photo: courtesy of MERMEC.