tram bratislava

European manufacturer Škoda Transportation has delivered the first bi-directional ForCity Plus tram to Bratislava Transportation in Slovakia.

Built at the Škoda Pilsen plant, the new tram is part of contracts awarded in 2013 for delivery of 15 two-way and 15 unidirectional trams.

The contracts also included options for an additional 30 trams, as well as to maintenance of the vehicles for 15 years.

Bratislava Transportation chairman and CEO Lubomír Belfi said: "We have successfully completed three large orders of new vehicles primarily funded by the EU.

"There will be a radical renewal of the outdated public transport fleet in Bratislava."

"The capital city of Bratislava will therefore gain new unidirectional and bidirectional trams and new trolleybuses.

"As we have also already used the option of purchasing new trams and trolleybuses, there will be a radical renewal of the outdated public transport fleet in Bratislava."

Constructed on a low-floor tram platform, the ForCity Plus vehicles are equipped with six traction engines each with output of 100kW and advanced electronics.

The tram features five car bodies, an audiovisual informative system, 12 security cameras and a tilting platform, which enables convenient boarding and disembarking for passengers.

The remaining trams on the order are scheduled to be delivered during 2015 and unidirectional trams on option by mid-2016, Škoda said.

Škoda Transportation develops, manufactures and supplies vehicles for railway and city transport, as well as provides repair and modernisation services for rail vehicles.

Image: The ForCity Plus tram features five car bodies with a gauge of 1,000mm. Photo: courtesy of Škoda Transportation.