The Indian Government is planning to build new high-speed rail corridors to increase the country’s railway infrastructure.

As part of the ten-year expansion, the government will construct a Diamond Quadrilateral Project of high-speed trains and freight corridors with specialised agri-rail networks for perishable farm products.

According to President Pranab Mukherjee, the government plans to provide administrative and financial sanctions to the 543km Mumbai – Ahmedabad corridor in next month’s budget.

"Lack of robust infrastructure is one of India’s major impediments."

"Lack of robust infrastructure is one of India’s major impediments," Mukherjee said.

"The government will put in place a fast-track, investment-friendly and predictable public-private partnership mechanism to modernise and revamp the railways and implement big-ticket projects, such as high-speed rail."

The government is also planning to build the Sagar Mala Project, which will connect sea ports with hinterland by rail and road.

The growth in the India’s railway sector has slowed down, as approximately 28 projects awarded by the UPA government since 2011 have ended.