South Korean manufacturer Hyundai Rotem is set to deliver the first of 37 new train sets for the future North South Corridor of the Shatin to Central Link (SCL) in September.

Hong Kong MTR’s SCL will extend the existing East Rail Line (EAL) to Admiralty Station.

The new trains will be equipped with LED interior lighting, 27in LCD passenger information systems, custom-made dynamic route maps and improved grab poles.

"Passengers will be able to enjoy a better travelling environment with improved train services."

Following delivery, the new trains will undergo a comprehensive series of tests in the depot, before being brought on track.

MTR general manager – SCL TM Lee said: "To ensure that these trains provide smooth and efficient service to passengers, stringent integrated tests will be conducted including essential on-track dynamic testing.

"As we have to run a frequent service during our normal train service hours, the subsequent dynamic tests can only be carried out overnight after normal service hours."

As the bodies of the new trains will be slightly wider than those on existing EAL trains, station platforms will be adjusted to facilitate the on-track dynamic testing.

Work will be initiated at University and Tai Wo stations in late July before moving to other stations.

MTR North and East Regions operations head Francis Li said: "During the interim period, new LED lights will be installed to remind passengers of the changes. Passengers are advised to exercise extra caution in boarding and alighting from trains.

"As a further precautionary measure, additional station assistants in specially designed uniform will be deployed to remind passengers of the locations where the platform gap width have been changed.

"Reminder notices will also be posted at the relevant locations. Upon commissioning of the North South Corridor with new trains and signaling systems, as well as the retrofitting of the automatic platform gates at all stations, passengers will be able to enjoy a better travelling environment with improved train services."

The 17km SCL will have ten stations, including six interchanges and the North South Corridor is an extension of the EAL from Hung Hom across Victoria Harbour to the Exhibition and Admiralty.

Work under this project is is expected to be completed in 2020.