Bombardier Transportation and China Railway Rolling Stock (CRRC) have agreed to partner on projects in the Chinese market, as well as internationally.

The agreement strengthens the companies’ existing relationship and sets up further cooperation on projects worldwide.

Bombardier CEO Alain Bellemare said: “We have been working closely with CRRC since 1998 and are very pleased to have reached this latest milestone in our relationship in order to provide Chinese and global customers a more competitive and broader range of rail transportation solutions.

"We are looking forward to delivering greater mobility to the people of China."

“Together with CRRC, we are looking forward to delivering greater mobility to the people of China, as well as to other countries and cities developing their transportation systems with the latest technologies and shortest time to market.”

The firms will jointly work on Chinese and international market development, as well as share manufacturing resources.

Through the partnership, the companies will better serve the growing global rail transportation equipment market and support mutual long-term growth objectives.

With six joint ventures (JVs) and seven wholly foreign-owned enterprises, Bombardier Transportation has a strong presence in China.

Of the six JVs, three have been with subsidiaries of CRRC in China, manufacturing high-speed trains, metro vehicles, monorails and other urban mass transit modes of transportation.

The JVs have delivered more than 3,000 high-speed railway passenger cars and more than 2,000 metro vehicles to the Chinese market.