French transport group Alstom has secured the authorisation for commercial use (AMEC) permit for its Régiolis train sets from the French Public Rail Safety organisation (EPSF).

The approval involves Eurailtest, Certifer, RFF, and the SNCF, as well as paves a way for the low floor trains to enter operational service in 12 regions across the country, beginning 22 April.

The first train sets will enter into service in April across the Aquitaine, Lorraine, Alsace and Picardy regions.

The Alstom Régiolis train sets are equipped with bi-modal drive systems with diesel-electric dual-voltage of 1,500v or 25kv and aligns operating mode to existing infrastructure on both electrified and non-electrified lines.

Régiolis features TrainTracer software that provides a real-time monitoring service and is compliant with all ERTMS interoperability standards which will allow them to travel from France into Germany and Switzerland using an additional supply voltage of 15kv.

Around 10 pre-series Régiolis train sets have travelled 350,000km during a total of 1,400 test days to secure the authorisation.

"Around 10 pre-series Régiolis train sets have travelled 350,000km."

The company has invested around €17m in the development of the Railway Test Centre in Bar-le-Duc, on a site leased from the RFF for a 15 years period.

The investment was used to set up a test track, which is suitable for certification of the trains’ principal functions: acceleration and braking, noise levels and electromagnetic compatibility.

Alstom has also invested around €40m in adapting the industrial facilities at the Reichshoffen site, which are required for the production of Régiolis.

Image: Alstom Régiolis train. Photo: courtesy of ALSTOM.