Morgan Sindall Infrastructure has been selected by Transport for London (TfL) as the main delivery partner for the Beckton Depot improvement project.

These improvements at Beckton Depot are part of the new Docklands Light Railway (DLR) programme, which includes the launch of 54 new, five-car DLR trains next year.

The 33 new trains will replace some of the oldest rolling stock that is more than 30 years old, while 21 additional trains will help increase capacity across the DLR network.

Scope of the works includes the construction of a new maintenance building, as well as a new train-lifting road, craneage, under-train access and pits to facilitate the final assembly of the new B23 trains.

Besides, longer-term maintenance facilities will be built to support the new fleet.

The project will also include the construction of a new test track facility to examine the new Thales signalling system, which will be deployed for both the new B23 trains and the existing B2007 fleet.

Furthermore, the works will include the extension of existing southern sidings and the construction of additional sidings to the north of the new maintenance building.

It will help accommodate 15 trains with six new sidings upon the completion of the work.

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure managing director Simon Smith said: “Our work at Beckton Depot will be a key enabler in unlocking additional capacity for TfL’s DLR, improving connections to east and southeast London.  

“We’re pleased to partner with TfL once again as we work together to connect people, places and communities through innovative and responsible infrastructure.”