MyHSR Corp, the delivery vehicle for the Malaysian government’s high-speed rail project to connect the capital Kuala Lumpur with Singapore, has called for concept proposals for the long-shelved plan. 

The project was called off more than two years ago, but MyHSR said it had “engaged with selected private companies… to understand the level of interest, capabilities, and resource requirements needed to make this project sustainable.”

It is now initiating a Request For Information (RFI), asking local and international firms to submit fully-fledged proposals for a rail line to cut the current 4-hour-plus drive time between the cities. The project aims to make that journey just 90 minutes – without stepping on board an aeroplane. 

Dato’ Sri Haji Fauzi Bin Abdul Rahman, Chair of MyHSR said: “The KL-SG HSR project will bring tremendous benefits to the people, particularly in enhancing and expanding economic dynamism from the Klang Valley to the Southern Corridor of the peninsula, and eventually to the rest of Malaysia.

“In addition to providing a new travel option that is safer, faster, more efficient and sustainable, the project will help us to contribute to the agenda of Malaysia, generating long-term growth and sustainability for the people and the nation.”

The project was shelved in 2020 when an agreement between the governments of Malaysia and Singapore to discuss the joint project lapsed. The government in Kuala Lumpur paid the city-state S$102 million (US$76.25 million) in compensation for the failed agreement. 

But in August 2022 Singapore said it was open to “good faith” discussions on reopening the project. It appears, from the RFI announcement, Singapore has agreed to re-opening discussions. 

MyHSR is wholly owned by the Transport Ministry of Malaysia.