The government of Telangana in India has revealed RS60,000 crore ($7.3bn) expansion plans for the Hyderabad Metro that will add 309km to the light rail network. 

One of the biggest cities in India, Hyderabad has seen significant investment into its metro line in recent years but the latest plans, approved by the Telangana state cabinet, will mark the biggest expansion yet. 

The metro currently consists of a 67km network across three corridors with another 5km due to be built under Phase 1 and a further 31km Airport Express section scheduled for Phase 2 of construction, meaning the latest expansion will quadruple the length of the network over the next three to five years. 

The Phase 3 expansion will be built in three parts, A to C, with part A consisting of six corridors, part B covering the ORR Metro Corridor, and part C including an elevated two level corridor for the JBS to Tumkunta route and the Paradise junction to Kandlakoya route. These sections will be the longest, as they will follow the route of the outer ring road of the city.

The expansion plans were revealed by the state’s Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development Sri K T Rama Rao during a press conference with the rest of the cabinet after its meeting at the end of July. 

A post online by the minister’s department said: “The decision aims to strengthen public transportation, cater to future population needs, and elevate Hyderabad to a global city, making its transport system one of the best in the country.” 

Minister KTR also revealed that he was hoping to obtain assitance from the Indian central government for the expansion. 

Transportation company Keolis current maintains and operates the metro network, which has a daily ridership of 500,000 passengers, after receiving a three year contract extension from the metro’s concession holder L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad in 2022.