Lineas has joined the European Rail Freight Association (ERFA), which was established in Brussels in 2002 to support the European vision for a liberalised railway market.

The association currently represents 30 members, who operate across the European network, and interests of private operators and new-market entrants in the rail freight market.

Claimed to be the largest private rail freight operator in Europe, Lineas provides rail products and services with a goal of making customers switch from road to rail for goods transportation.

Both Lineas and ERFA intend to create a single and competitive European rail freight market.

The ERFA is of view that Lineas membership strengthens its position as a strong voice for private and independent rail freight companies at EU level.

Lineas CEO Geert Pauwels said: “We strongly believe that private rail freight players will make the difference in Europe. As private companies, we have a unique customer mind-set to deliver innovative products that convince our customers to shift from road to rail.

Pauwels said: “We look forward to working with ERFA to strengthen the sector and attract private investors who will help us grow and realize the modal shift.”

With more than 2,000 employees, Lineas owns a fleet of 250 locomotives and 7,000 wagons.

The company’s Green Xpress Network, which was introduced in 2014, offers daily, fast and reliable rail connections between major European hubs, integrating several types of cargo into a single train. The product currently has 20 connections.

Earlier this month, the ERFA called for a revision of the regulation and the European Commission to adopt an ambitious approach, which meets the rail freight industry requirements.