Indian Railways has set an aim to execute 58 ‘super critical’ and 68 ‘critical’ rail projects worth more than $15.54bn (Rs1.15tn) over the next few years.

These projects are expected to provide new train services, enhanced safety, increased train speeds, and boosted line capacity.

The 58 ‘super critical’ projects will cover a total length of 3,750km, with a cost of nearly $5.36bn (Rs396.63bn).

Of these, around 27 projects will be completed by December this year, while two projects would be handed over by March next year.

According to the Ministry of Railways, nearly 29 super critical projects worth $1.57bn (Rs115.88bn), covering 1,044km, have been commissioned in the last year.

The projects consist of multi-tracking involving the doubling of the third and fourth lines on busy routes.

These identified projects have been given a higher priority for budget allocation for their early completion.

Meanwhile, the 68 critical projects will cover a total length 6,913km, with a cost of around $10.23bn (Rs757.36bn).

Out of these, around four projects worth $190.27m (Rs14.08bn), covering a length of 108km, have been completed.

The remaining projects are expected to be finished by March 2024.

This year, Indian Railways aims to execute projects worth $1.95bn (Rs144.66bn).

Earlier this month, the Indian Government approved a proposal to allot a 5MHz spectrum in the 700MHz frequency band to Indian Railways.