South Korean firm Hyundai Rotem has delivered the first six-car EMU-250 trainset to Korean national operator Korail.

In 2016, Korail initially placed an order for 30 trainsets, after which it ordered an additional 84 EMU-250 sets.

Capable of operating at a top speed of 260km/h, trains will run on the Seohae, Gyeongjeon and Jungang lines in South Korea.

Hyundai Rotem expects all trainsets to be delivered by next year.

The EMU-250 can accommodate 381 passengers. Each seat is equipped with power outlets, USB plugs and a smartphone wireless charging system.

The train can be used at stations with both high and low platforms.

South Korea currently only uses trains such as KTX-Sancheon, which are equipped with two power cars at each end. The EMU-250 is the country’s first high-speed trains with distributed traction.

In 2017, the 150m-long trains were showcased at Suncheon, Yongsan and Changwon stations for public feedback.

Hyundai Rotem official said: “We have put a lot of effort into securing quality for the successful operation of power-distributed high-speed trains that are commercialised for the first time in our country. I will do my best to help. ”

In September, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) in the US awarded a $278.5m contract to Hyundai Rotem to deliver 80 double-deck coaches.

The coaches will replace the single-deck coaches operating on the Boston commuter rail network. The move is expected to boost fleet capacity by 14,000 seats.

In December 2017, Hyundai Rotem signed a €720m rail contract with the Railways of Islamic Republic of Iran and Iranian Rail Industries Development to manufacture 450 railbuses (DMU cars) for suburban operations.