China-based mobile radio solutions manufacturer Hytera has secured a contract to deliver comprehensive integrated communication solutions for Shenzhen Metro Line 12.

Under the $30m contract, the company will offer systems, equipment, terminals, and services.

Hytera previously delivered its Tetra and PDT on-board systems for five metro lines (Line 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11) in Shenzhen.

The company also provided value-added services of secure radio communications for enhancing the dispatching and operational efficiency of the metro lines.

Covering a total length of 107km, lines 7, 9, and 11 feature 68 stations, whereas line 11 functions as the airport line, as well as the Guangzhou-Shenzhen intercity rail line.

As agreed, Hytera will supply a complete 800M Tetra digital trunking solution, including DIB R5 base stations, on-board mobile radios, handheld radios, and a 400M PDT station management system.

These solutions are expected to establish effective communication across the control centre, train drivers, and station operation staff.

Covering a length of 78.7km, lines 6 and 10 consist of 47 stations.

These lines are said to be the first metro lines to feature full coverage of 5G signals in China.

The company aims to cover ‘as wide an area as possible’ and offer connections to other metro tracks, railway stations and surrounding towns.

Hytera stated that it applied both 800M Tetra solution and 400M PDT solution to offer reliable voice and data communication across control centres, station operators, train drivers and maintenance personnel, and enables individual and group voice calls with on-board terminals and handheld radios.

Furthermore, the company claimed that its solutions have enhanced the services offered to the public, along with the management for the metro system operators.

Hytera’s communication solutions for transportation have so far served over ten Chinese cities.