Hitachi Rail has formed a long-term alliance with the Netherlands’ Intermodal Telematics (IMT) to enhance its offerings for the rail freight market.

Under this partnership, Hitachi’s current digital freight service will incorporate IMT’s monitoring sensors that support real-time monitoring.

These sensors help in verifying the precise location of railcars, loading status, open/close condition of doors and hatches, temperature and pressure of the cargo, along with the state of bogies and wheelsets.

Through a solar powered GPS device, data is then transmitted to the Cloud.

As part of this cooperation, Hitachi Rail will utilise AI analytics for improving the efficiency and security of its clients’ freight services globally.

The firm will now offer ‘fully-fledged’ telematics capabilities for the freight sector.

It will enable companies to control their supply chains by tapping important information as well as quickly respondly with ‘appropriate’ interventions.

In April last year, Hitachi Rail completed the purchase of UK-based rail technology company Perpetuum.

Perpetuum’s remote condition monitoring spots developing damage in train bogies before time.

As a result, it aids in enhancing the lifespan of the wheels and optimise maintenance cycles by averting failures.

With the new alliance, IMT now has rights to deliver the Perpetuum sensor solution in the freight market exclusively.

IMT managing director and founder Dethmer Drenth said: “This partnership adds a significant value to our railcar market offering as we expand our renowned assets and cargo related monitoring to specific predictive asset maintenance monitoring with the Hitachi/Perpetuum sensor.

“In that way we create a holistic view of the railcar above and below the axle, alerting the asset and cargo owner on a need-to-know and managing-by-exception basis.”

Last month, Hitachi Rail STS, USA bagged a contract from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to develop and install a new signal technology at a complex of switches near Queens Village.