British rail company Go-Ahead Group has released blueprints for train carriages that would feature adaptable seating and luggage space.

The blueprints were developed in partnership with rolling stock leasing firm Angel Trains and design agency Seymourpowell.

According to the interior layout, these flexible zones will allow adjustment to meet the demand of the passengers.

The concept carriages can be adjusted from commuter mode to leisure mode.

The blueprints include sliding armrests that can enable the seats to change from airline-style individual seats to communal benches for families.

To offer additional surfaces, neighbouring seats can be turned down for commuters’ belongings in case there is less space pressure.

Secure cabinets, with vertical racks at the end of carriages that can store full-size bicycles, are currently being considered for keeping folding bikes.

The companies are also examining other modifications, such as permanent hand sanitiser dispensers’ installation, antimicrobial finishes and touchless doors.

Digital displays are also being designed for showing the available seats to the commuters.

To accommodate passengers’ additional luggage, the companies can include new under-seat storage areas.

Perch seats and benches are being considered for some carriages to provide extra space to allow commuters to work on electronic devices.

Angel Trains chief operating officer David Jordan said: “Angel Trains is excited to work with Go-Ahead and Seymourpowell on concepts drawn up to meet the changing needs of UK rail passengers following the Covid-19 pandemic.

“These demonstrate the flexibility of modern train interiors and show how innovations in design can improve the comfort of travellers, while putting safety first.

“We look forward to working with our customers and partners to support the UK rail industry.”

In 2019, Go-Ahead’s German subsidiary placed a €400m order to procure 56 regional multiple-unit trainsets from Siemens Mobility.

Siemens would deliver a total of 44 three-car Mireo electric trainsets and 12 five-car Desiro HC electric double-decker trains to operator Go-Ahead Verkehrsgesellschaft Deutschland.

Once delivered, the vehicles would operate on the Augsburg rail network’s electrified route in south-western Bavaria.