UK-based train operating franchise Wales and Border has awarded a contract to Stadler Rail for the delivery of 71 trains to South Wales Metro.

Stadler will be responsible for the delivery of 35 FLIRT trains and 36 three-car CITYLINK tram-trains, under the agreement.

The new trains are scheduled to enter service in 2022.

The FLIRT fleet will comprise 11 diesel-powered trains and 24 tri-mode units, which can be operated using electricity, batteries and diesel.

Eitech was awarded a €55m ($62m) contract by Vinci Energies subsidiary NCC Sverige to install technical equipment in the E02 Central Station in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Eitech will also work on an underground commuter train station and 2km of railway tunnelling works, under the contract.

“Greenbrier intends to expand its footprint to the Middle East through the acquisition of Rayvag.”

Eitech will carry out the electrical, ventilation, pipe and control systems installation at the station.

Eitech has collaborated with Swedish Transport Agency and NCC, under the Early Contractor Involvement model, for the development of the project since 2016.

UK-based leasing company Porterbrook has reached an agreement with Elastacloud, a partner of Microsoft Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to facilitate the development of advanced data solutions for the rail sector.

The collaboration will work on the enhancement of 30 potential KPIs for the rail industry. Porterbook customers and rail users will be benefitted from the partnership.

Porterbook will gain access to the AI intellectual property of Elastacloud for the improvement of train performance and maintenance optimisation, under the agreement.

Greenbrier subsidiary Greenbrier-AstraRail has acquired a 68% stake in Rayvag Vagon Sanayi ve Ticaret (Rayvag), a railcar manufacturing firm based in Turkey.

The financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

The remaining 32% ownership will be retained by Rayvag’s managing director Asim Suzen.

Greenbrier intends to expand its footprint to the Middle East through the acquisition of Rayvag.