Chile’s Santiago Metro has added over 5km to its network with the opening of its new Line 2 extension, including a signalling system provided by rail manufacturer Alstom

The $409m project includes four new stations and is expected to cater for 32,000 daily passengers in the country’s capital city, in addition to reducing transfer times by 32%. 

Denis Girault, director general of Alstom in Chile, said: “This extension is another example of the long-term commitment that Alstom has with Chile and with the Santiago Metro. 

“We are proud to provide this cutting-edge technology that will ensure high levels of safety, reliability and efficiency. At Alstom we continue to contribute to intelligent and high-standard mobility for the Santiago Metro, something we have done since its inception, almost 50 years ago.” 

The extension was inaugurated by Chilean President Gabriel Boric Font who said that the investment would improve quality of life in the area, with new stations in El Bosque, Observatorio, Copa Lo Martínez, and Hospital El Pino. 

“We are together with President Gabriel Boric, Minister of Transportation Juan Carlos Muñoz Abogabir, and our President Guillermo Muñoz in the opening of the extension of #L2 where more than 618 thousand passengers will benefit from faster and more expeditious trips,” the metro system shared on social media.

Technology provided by Alstom for the project includes an interlocking system and automatic train control system which optimises the speed of the trains to reduce energy consumption and improve passenger comfort and safety. 

The project is also just part of the expansion efforts for the metro, with work continuing on the construction of Line 7, which is expected to open in 2028 and will also include technology and rolling stock from Alstom along with contributions from engineering firms Systra and Wood.