Beijing MTR Corporation Limited (Beijing MTR) has further expanded its metro network by commencing passenger services on the remaining portion of Line 14 and opening Phase I Southern Section of Line 17.

The expansion increases the total operational length of Beijing MTR’s network to nearly 148.5km.

MTR Mainland China Business and Global Operations Standards managing director Adi Lau said: “We are honoured to further extend our safe, convenient and high-quality railway services in Beijing, providing more enjoyable journeys and a low-carbon travel experience.

“We will continue to work closely with our partners and further contribute to the sustainable development of Beijing.”

The remaining section of Line 14 features five stations and connects the first three phases to complete a full line stretching around 50.8km. It passes through numerous districts in the southwest, south and east of Beijing, and includes 35 stations.

As per the Concession Agreement for the Line 14 Public Private Partnership (PPP) project, Beijing MTR will operate the line for 30 years.

On the other hand, Phase I Southern Section of Line 17 covers a distance of 15.8km.

Overall, the line will have 21 stations and will stretch 49.7km from south to north in eastern Beijing. Beijing MTR secured a 20-year Operations and Maintenance concession for the line.

Additionally, Beijing MTR unveiled a new station, named Yuyuantan East Gate station, on the middle portion of Beijing Metro Line 16.

Beijing MTR is a joint venture (JV) between MTR, Beijing Capital Group and Beijing Infrastructure Investment.

It also runs Beijing Metro Line 4, the Daxing Line as well as the Northern Section and Middle Section of Beijing Metro Line 16.

In December 2021, China commenced operations on a new high-speed railway route in the Shandong province.