A consortium of Alstom-Setec Ferroviaire has won a €50m contract to supply digital signalling technology to French national railway corporation SNCF Réseau.

The Atlas European Railways Traffic Management System (ERTMS) Level 2 will be supplied for the Paris-Lyon high-speed line, the LGV Sud-Est line.

Under the terms of the contract, Alstom will design and supply the equipment, along with installation, testing and maintenance.

Setec Ferroviaire will be responsible for the verification of the design, integrated project management and testing.

Atlas ERTMS Level 2, a digital signalling solution, allows trains to run at higher speeds without physical lineside signals.

Alstom expects the Atlas ERTMS Level 2 system to replace the current 27 systems that are in service throughout Europe in the coming years.

Paris-Lyon high-speed line is currently one of the busiest high-speed lines in Europe, with around 240 trains per day and is at its maximum capacity.

It is expected to become busier in the next few years. In an effort to modernise the line, SNCF Réseau is allocating €125m for the project.

SNCF Réseau chairman and CEO Patrick Jeantet said: “The LGV+ Paris-Lyon project is one of the cornerstones of the high-performance rail network.

“We’re going to switch to high throughput on this key European transport link. Increasing the capacity of the existing network and the quality of service of traffic is a priority for SNCF Réseau to promote rail use. This collaboration with Alstom is a major step forward for the project.”

The signalling system will be developed at Charleroi, Belgium at Alstom’s centre for rail signalling systems. Alstom’s team at Saint-Ouen in France will carry out project management.

In July, the Atlas ERTMS Level 2 system began commercial service on the Valladolid-León high-speed line in the north of Spain.

In July 2018, a group of European rail infrastructure managers agreed to collaborate on the deployment of the ERTMS on their networks.

The European Union (EU) provided a €116.9m grant to support the installation of level two of the ERTMS on the Paris-Lyon high-speed line in April 2018.