The confirmed part of the contract will involve the adaptation and rollout of the I-CBTC solution on lines 10, 7bis and 3bis, covering 44 trains.

Alstom will carry out the development, authentication, industrialisation, deployment, testing and commissioning of its solution.

In addition, RATP may grant conditional phases to Alstom, including the rollout of the system on line 3 (47 trains), maintenance services for 15 years, or other upgrades.

The contract work may lead to equipping a total of 91 carriages of the new MF19 trains with the I-CBTC solution. These trains are designed and manufactured by Alstom at its Valenciennes and Crespin sites.

The upgrade project will be executed under the OCTYS programme, which aims to improve the automatic operation system on Paris Metro.

Alstom France president Jean-Baptiste Eyméoud said: “It is a great honour for us once again to work on modernising the Paris metro system. Our I-CBTC solution is already in operation across 34km on lines 5 and 9, and over 80 million kilometres have already been covered since it entered service. It is also being rolled out on lines 6 and 11 of the Paris metro.”

As an interchangeable communication-based train control (CBTC) type automation system, this solution is in line with the RATP’s requirements for the OCTYS standard.

The I-CBTC solution has been developed by Alstom in collaboration with RATP.

With different levels of automation, this solution can execute remote operating functions, oversee safety, and regulate traction and braking systems for the automatic operations of the metro.

For this project, Alstom will involve three of its sites in France.

Aix-en-Provence will be responsible for developing, delivering, and ensuring the total engineering of the system.

Saint-Ouen will provide rollout assistance, testing, cybersecurity, installation, commissioning, and maintenance whereas Villeurbanne will deliver some electronic equipment as well as guarantee reliability and maintainability (RAM).

Around 130 Paris metro carriages (MF01) running on lines 5 and 9 currently feature Alstom’s I-CBTC on-board solution.

In the future, the MP14 and MP89 trains, which will operate on lines 11 and 6 respectively, will also be equipped with the Alstom solution.

Alstom recently manufactured and supplied the 100th fully electric high-powered double-section locomotive to Indian Railways.