Alstom and the European Metropolitan Area of Lille (MEL) have presented their future metro trains at the 3rd Assises des Mobilités in France.

The 52m trains are modelled on the company’s rubber metro solutions and designed to offer better comfort, improved accessibility and improved passenger information.

With no partitions between their four cars, these new trains could accommodate up to 405 people. They also offer a dedicated space for travellers with reduced mobility.

Offering enhanced safety and security on both the trains and platforms, the newly unveiled metro trains will be equipped with an integrated video protection system.

The future metro is environmentally friendly and will be furnished with high-performance traction equipment, which reduces energy consumption by 20%, the company said. The train will also be equipped with an autopilot system called Urbalis Fluence that offers higher performance, reduced operating costs, shorter travel time and improved traffic management.

For the project, Alstom purchased 40% of the subsystems in France, of which 45% has been obtained from local players in the Hauts de France.

European Metropolitan Area of Lille president Damien Castelain said: “I am delighted to be able to show today the future metro that all users expect.

“With the introduction of the new autopilot in 2021 and 52m trains in 2023, metropolitan trains will benefit from transport conditions that offer more comfort, fluidity and services.”

Alstom France president Jean-Baptiste Eyméoud said: “We are delighted that the European Metropolitan Area of Lille has proposed that we join the 3rd Conference on Mobility and Accessibility of the Metropolitan Area to present the future metro and the progress of this ambitious project, which is of major importance for Alstom.”

Earlier this month, Alstom India and the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) have revealed the life-sized mock-up of the Mumbai Metro Line 3 (Aqua Line) trainset.