Stadler won a number of notable contracts during the research period as well as unveiling new products.

In September 2022 the company unveiled its hydrogen-driven FLIRT H2 multiple unit for American passenger transport

It features two cars and a middle section that is specified as the ‘PowerPack’, which has fuel cells and hydrogen tanks. Hydrogen will be transformed into electric current, which is stored in a traction battery, in the PowerPack. The system also allows the train to recover kinetic energy when braking.

Stadler also invested in its manufacturing base signing a joint venture agreement with Medha Servo Drives for a new rail coach manufacturing factory in the Indian state of Telangana. The new facility will be used to make exports to customers across the Asia Pacific region, besides meeting the requirements of the Indian market.

Elsewhere the company also won a contract from Appenzeller Bahnen (AB) for the manufacturing and supply of a rack-and-pinion rail vehicle for the Rheineck–Walzenhausen rail link in Switzerland, the world’s first fully automated overland adhesion/rack-and-pinion rail vehicle.

Company Profile

Stadler is a rail infrastructure company and train manufacturer.

The company’s product portfolio includes suburban and regional transport trains, light rail vehicles, trams, high-speed and intercity trains, city transport vehicles, locomotives, passenger trains and tailor-made vehicles.

The company’s tailor-made vehicles include passenger trains, rack-and-pinion rail vehicles and locomotives.

Stadler also offers services that include vehicle repairs, spare parts service, upgrading and overhaul, assessment and maintenance.

The company operates in Germany, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belarus and others.

Stadler is headquartered in Bussnang, Schwyz, Switzerland.