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InterClean Train Wash Systems and Locomotive Washers

Tammermatic Group has been refining, re-tooling, and reinventing the train wash system. Their focus is to offer innovative wash systems in large transportation applications.

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Tammermatic Group has been refining, re-tooling, and reinventing the train wash system. Their focus is to offer innovative wash systems in large transportation applications.

The company’s extensive experience with third rail, locomotive, OCS, and monorail systems comes from the many washes installed world-wide using roll-over, touchless, friction, and combination technologies.

Tammermatic systems are designed to be low maintenance and have a long lifecycle, providing impressive savings in both operational and transportation vehicle replacement costs.

Locomotive, tram, light train, train and metro washers and wash systems

The most important strength of Tammermatic Group is its ability to provide not just reliable, high-quality locomotive, tram, light train, train and metro washers and wash systems, but also a comprehensive after-sales service, which covers user training, service, spare parts and wash chemicals.

Train and metro vehicle washer

The InterClean XJ-1000 and RJ-1006 train and metro vehicle washers are modular wash systems. The systems comprise snow removal, pre-cooling, pre-wash and rinse arch equipment, as well as brush, dryer, motor control and central lubrication units. Water reclaim units are also available for the train and metro vehicle washer.

Steel-frame train wash and metro wash systems

The frames of XJ-1000 and RJ-1006 train and metro wash systems are steel structures, which are primed and coated with epoxy paint. Pipework for water and cleaning chemicals as well as multilayer filters are of stainless steel (AISI 316). The chemical and mixing containers are of non-corrosive plastic material.

Trains can be driven through the train and metro wash systems at 1.5km/h to 2.5km/h (25m/min to 41m/min).

Touchless train wash systems

In 2004 InterClean completed the last of three Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system touchless train wash systems. The BART train wash project not only set new standards for wash equipment, it also was the first train wash system ever built with documentation on par with the documentation of the trains it is supposed to wash.

Light train wash systems

Because InterClean has built over 600 touchless train wash systems, it has been in a position to improve rail wash system performance by applying the latest chemical washing principles for its train wash systems. BART aluminum BUD cars were the first light rail vehicles that were brightened with alkaline chemistry using a train wash system.

Locomotive washers

Tammermatic Group’s locomotive washers have been successfully used in a variety of different applications and climates, from the iron mines of Australia to the Canadian Arctic. The Centri*Spinner® is the most effective piece of equipment ever designed for diesel locomotive washing.

Diesel locomotive wash systems

Many suppliers seeking to enter the locomotive washing market have tried to copy InterClean’s successful cleaning technology and design, but as yet none have been successful. InterClean remains at the forefront in its ability to tackle the difficult issues relating to washing diesel locomotives.

Tammermatic Group was born when two leading experts in washer solutions for rolling stock, InterClean Equipment, inc. and Tammermatic Oy, merged in April 2008. The group has production facilities in Ann Arbor, Michigan, US and in Tampere, Finland, and operates globally. Take a look at what a leading rail washer supplier has to offer.

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