Proto-Vest Announces Expansion of Customised Drying Units for Trains in Europe - Railway Technology
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Proto-Vest Announces Expansion of Customised Drying Units for Trains in Europe

Proto-Vest, the developer and manufacturer of drying systems, is expanding their custom design dryer service to train wash industries in Europe. As the leading manufacturer of wash and fluid removal drying systems, Proto-Vest offers over 19 standard dryer models that can be customised to fit any train washing environment that meets the high quality drying expectations using low horsepower.

Unlike the vane axial fans that distributes air in different directions and in a constant mass, Proto-Vest dryers use centrifugal fans that move a relatively constant volume of air. These fans use the kinetic energy of the rotating impellers to move the air against the resistance and also increase the speed and volume of an air stream. The more the system utilises its air flow, the less energy it takes to run the dryer.

"A drying system’s performance and energy efficiency are directly related," says Richard Flores, Vice President of Operations. "The more effectively a system uses its air flow, the less energy is needed to run the dryer. When a system requires more horsepower, it requires more energy and additional operational costs."

Most of the Proto-Vest dryers are touch-free and use very low horsepower to strip water from the vehicle surface, offering an effective drying solution at high-volume line speeds. They are able to build them to effectively dry a vehicle without having to sacrifice performance or quality.

Proto-Vest’s stringent standards in material selection for its dryers result in extended equipment life and reduced maintenance. The dryers’ plenum is constructed from 5052-H32 aluminium while the bags are produced from durable Proto-Duck ™ material to resist corrosion and tearing.

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