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Energy-Efficient Drying Systems for Trains


Proto-Vest specialises in the engineering, development and manufacturing of train drying systems.

As a leading manufacturer of car wash and fluid removal drying solutions, Proto-Vest holds more than 40 patents on various products with a diverse range of models.

Proto-Vest offers over 19 standard dryer models that are engineered to meet and exceed clients’ expectations regarding drying quality and energy efficiency. Along with an extensive line of drying equipment, Proto-Vest offers enhanced systems, such as the AirGate and the Silencer Package, which can improve drying processes.

Energy-efficient dryers for the railway industry

A drying system’s performance and energy efficiency are directly related. The more effectively a system uses its air flow, the less energy is needed to run the dryer. When a system requires more horsepower, it requires more energy and additional operational costs.

IP Stripper is an automated 30HP drying system that can dry up to 120 cars an hour.
WindShear is the 30HP standalone drying system that is used for low to moderate line speeds.
WindShear II is a 60HP standalone drying system suitable for conveyor operations.
InbayRM is a compact-designed In-Bay drying system that uses two 30HP blowers.
A follow-up to the U325 dryer, IP330 is Proto-Vest's 30HP all-in-one drying system.
The IP345 is a 45HP all-in-one drying system that requires no controller functions.
The 30HP S130 systems can be combined with other Proto-Vest solutions for side-surface drying.
Sideshot is a 15HP side-surface dryer, usually packaged with other proto-vest dryers.
The Silencer Package reduces noise levels, making them approximately ten times quieter than unsilenced dryers.
Airgate lowers energy costs by reducing the ramp-up time between vehicles.

Proto-Vest dryers save energy by using less horsepower combined with sophisticated engineering and ease of installation, reducing the drive through time and maintenance required, while providing high performance.

Customised drying solutions for industrial applications

Proto-Vest’s capabilities include custom engineering designs for any industry for specific applications and demands.

Setting the standard in noise reduction, energy efficiency and customisation capabilities, the company’s applications worldwide include the design and manufacture of systems for motor homes, commuter trains, aircraft, ocean vessels, freight liners and buses.

Proto-Vest’s robust customisation division expands its offering to specialty manufacturing industries such as medical device applications, agricultural, aerospace, and automobile manufacturing plants.

High-quality, low-maintenance dryers

Proto-Vest dryers are manufactured using high-quality materials. This helps reduce maintenance expenses, prolong the life of the equipment and improve profits.

Quietest dryers that meet OSHA regulations

The Silencer Package was developed to enable all of our dryers to meet the noise reduction standards set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The package reduces noise generated by the impeller’s tip speed and rapidly moves air being drawn into the blow assembly and discharged air from the blower.

With the Silencer Package installed, the noise levels of the Proto-Vest dryers are reduced on an average of 10db, enhancing the environment for both employees and customers.

About Proto-Vest

Proto-Vest is dedicated to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction across all facets of its operation by offering the highest quality, energy-efficient products.

The team members foster business relationships and exceed customer expectations, while striving to improve overall experiences through education, product knowledge and customer empowerment.

Proto-Vest offers extensive after-sales support and access to a wide range of services, including factory refurbishments, aftermarket parts and custom engineering. The company provided access to training videos, blogs and social media pages for tips and maintenance routines.

Family owned and operated since 1970, Proto-Vest aims to maintain and exceed the industry standard by driving innovation, solutions and service for your business.

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