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Railway Lifting Equipment

IME-Autolift is one of the world's leading manufacturers of railway maintenance equipment and railway lifting jacks.

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IME-Autolift is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of railway maintenance equipment and railway lifting jacks. This family business is a full-line provider for railway vehicle workshops, also equipped with bogie maintenance. The focus is on railcar lifting jacks for all kind of railway vehicles, trucks, trailers and buses, as well as on bogie lifters, bogie turntables, and bogie drop tables. Lifting and turning devices, together with a line of small mobile manipulators, complete the portfolio.

IME-Autolift works globally with distributors in many countries and is your perfect partner for railway lifting equipment and jacks. A listed supplier with most major rolling stock OEMs and many major train companies, IME-Autolift can look at a reference list that contains hundreds of projects and thousands of delivered lifting jacks globally. The modern production plant and the sales department is of course certified according to ISO 9001:2008, as well as from some of the major OEMs and train companies, and can ensure a proper and standardised processing of project management.

Lifting jacks for railway vehicles

IME-Autolift provides a wide variety of lifts and jacks for railway vehicles of all types. Amongst these are an extensive range of mobile lifting jacks for rail vehicles from light-rail carriages to complete heavy-rail multiple units, as well as stationary train lifting systems and lifting-turning devices.

Rail vehicle mobile railcar lifting jacks from 2.5t to 50t

IME-Autolift offers three different column structures of mobile lifting jacks for rail vehicles:

20t to 25t mobile train lifting jacks (Portugal).
Wireless controlled system (Switzerland)
Mobile train lifting jacks in Graz (Austria).
Double spindle system (Australia).
Underfloor system (Germany).
Telescopic underfloor system (Netherlands).
Lifting and turning device (Hungary).
Battery powered lifting jacks (Hungary).
A rail bogie lifting system (Austria).
Turntable (Malaysia).
  • Mobile railcar lifting jacks from 8t to10t capacity per jack for lifting trams, metros and wagons
  • Mobile railway lifting jacks from 12t to 20t capacity per jack for lifting complete trains, heavy wagons and light locomotives
  • Mobile railcar lifting jacks from 20t to 50t capacity per jack for lifting complete trains and heavy locomotives

All these different types of railway lifting jacks can be linked and operated in a multiple-jack arrangement. The railcar lifting jacks can be equipped with fixed or adjustable lifting claws and different wheel sets and are easy to handle, to offer total flexibility for the client.

IME-Autolift’s mobile railway lifting equipment offers solutions for all your railway vehicle servicing needs.

New wireless connections of the railway lifting jacks mean no more leads and cables.

Battery powered lifting jacks mean complete flexibility on how and where they will be used.

Double spindle jacks allow to separate the bogie from the wagon frame with one and same jack.

Stationary under-floor train lifting systems

IME-Autolift stationary, under-floor lifting systems offer fast lifting of complete trains directly under the bogies. Equipped with supporting columns, bogies can be quickly and easily changed by using this lift.

When the lift has descended, its workshop area remains clear of machinery and can be easily used for other equipment or by personnel carrying out other tasks. IME-Autolift offers as well customised under-floor lifting jacks and under-floor lifting stands.

Lifting and turning devices

IME-Autolift offers a range of customised lifting-turning systems for wagon manufacturers and bogie workshops. Welding works on wagon-frames or bogie frames or for complete wagons is made especially easy by using IME-Autolift lifting and turning devices.

Bogie lifting systems

For the Bogie maintenance workshop IME-Autolift offers a wide range of in-ground bogie lifts, mobile lifting jacks for bogies and 4-post lifts for bogies.

Bogie drop tables

IME-Autolift designed self propelled, battery powered bogie drop tables for dismantling bogies under the lifted train and to bring them to the bogie workshop, which is a logical and useful completion to the mobile lifting jacks.

Customised lifts for railway vehicles

All IME-Autolift lifts are designed to specific requirements to precisely suit each client’s needs. IME-Autolift railway vehicle lifts are distinguished for high quality, efficiency and productivity, as well as affordable prices.

Bogie and wheelset turntables

IME-Autolift offers a wide range of mechanical and electrical turntables for wheel sets and complete bogies.

Mobile Manipulators (MasterLift)

IME-Autolift offers as well a wide range of self-propelled battery-powered manipulators equipped with changeable lifting tools for heavy railway parts like buffers, batteries, wheels, wheel sets, couplers, springs, brakes, dumpers and even doors and windows.

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