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Cleaning Products for Rolling Stock, Stations and Depots

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Chela Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of industrial cleaning chemicals and solutions for the transport sector.

The company’s core market is the UK transport industry and it specialises in providing environmentally considerate chemicals that enhance presentation and cleanliness standards across rolling stock, depot and station environments.

Chela Ltd can provide a comprehensive range of cleaning detergents, which cover all aspects of cleaning and maintenance across a wide range of rail-related applications. The company can also provide specialist technical product manufacturing support to assist in complex cleaning related applications where new product development is required.

Iron stain and dust removal from train exteriors

Chela Ltd’s products can be used to clean train exteriors that have been ingrained with iron stains, tunnel and brake dust.

Chela provides specialist cleaning solutions for the UK's rail transport industry.
Solutions provided by the company can be used clean train exteriors that have been ingrained with iron stain, tunnel and brake dust.
The FleetClean Plus and Chela Eurowash ISR ranges have both received approval from ESG Scientifics.

The company’s dual-product approach focuses on creating an easy-clean environment by using a fast-acting, safe cleaner designed to remove iron stains and brake dust. Chela Ltd offers two key specialist products for cleaning train exteriors, namely FleetClean Plus and Chela Eurowash ISR.

FleetClean Plus is Chela Ltd’s premium exterior trainwash detergent designed to leave a high-gloss protective finish on all exterior areas, reducing the build-up of iron stains and general exterior soiling.

For all heavy exterior manual cleaning applications, many UK TOCs use Chela Eurowash ISR Range. Designed to safely remove carbon, as well as iron, brake and tunnel dust, it is an industry-leading product that consistently cleans train exteriors.

Both FleetClean Plus and Eurowash ISR Thick hold ESG Scientifics approval, and can be used together to enhance the presentation of train exteriors.

Cleaning products for train toilets

Chela Ltd provides two specialist toilet cleaning products that are proven to provide outstanding presentation and on-going odour control. The ESG Scientifics-approved BioChela Range is based on special bacteria that eliminates the root causes of odours.

BioChela Fresh is designed to be used on all train toilet surfaces, including floors, sink, panels, glass and the toilet bowl itself. It contains class 1 bacillus bacteria, high-performance odour locks and specifically chosen detergents, which enhance cleanliness and presentation.

The product can also be used to clean controlled-emission toilet (CET) systems, which are sometimes forgotten as they are not visible. Keeping the CET contents fluid and minimising bacteria levels is vital to ensure that bad odours do not find its way back into the toilet cubicle.

Chela Ltd’s BioGel 250 is a daily-dose treatment designed to be applied into the toilet bowl and flushed directly into the CET. BioGel 250 also contains odour locks, perfume and class 1 bacillus bacteria, which is designed to physically digest and consume harmful bacteria.

The use of BioChela Fresh multi-surface toilet cleaner and BioGel 250 (CET treatment) provides the highest possible levels of presentation and enhances passengers’ travel experience.

Innovative cleaning products for the railway industry

Chela Ltd adopts a partnership approach with its clients to fully understand their requirements and objectives.

Whilst many of our competitors adopt a rigid approach to new product design and innovation, Chela Ltd prides itself on delivering new presentation concepts as the UK Rail landscape changes and evolves with the introduction of new rolling stock.

About Chela Ltd

Chela Ltd has been established since 1988 and holds ISO 9001/14001 accreditation.

Part of the Fisher Darville Group of companies, Chela Ltd is a UK manufacturer of innovative, specialised, industrial cleaning chemicals and technical solutions.

Serving markets worldwide, Chela Ltd specialises in cleaning solutions for mass transport industries, such as bus, rail, tram and coach sectors, as well as numerous other key sectors.

Chela Ltd prides itself in offering innovative, cost-effective chemical formulations that provide superior results and enhance its clients cleaning processes.

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