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Train CET (Controlled-Emission Toilets), Fuelling Installations and Lubricating Oil and Coolant Systems

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Airquick supplies a range of train and rolling stock controlled-emission toilet (CET) systems, fuelling installations, and lubricating oil and coolant pumping systems.

Controlled emission toilets – CET systems

Controlled emission toilets systems or CETs are designed to ensure the safe, hygienic disposal of the contents of the toilet retention tanks on carriages.

The Airquick Rail centralised CET installations are designed and based upon many years’ experience in the maintenance and repair of such systems. We know the kind of problems encountered with conventional equipment and have eradicated their drawbacks.

Fuel module – 200 litres per minute incorporating mechanical meter and ticket printer.
Lube oil dispensing point complete with local control and tank level indication.
Lube oil pump set with auto changeover duty and standby control.
CET pumps and macerators serving three roads at Reading depot.
Inline macerator for high reliability installations; the macerator's jam proof rotary cutter and screen ensure protection of the CET pumps and keep the system virtually blockage-free.
Fuel tank farm at LNWR Crewe comprising three new 70,000L capacity self-bunded tanks.
Not only are the fuel modules able to provide digital dispensing data to the centralised database at LNWR Crewe, but the fuel deliveries are measured to provide valuable reconciliation information.
Centralised pumping system for lube oil, coolant and waste oil at Edinburgh Haymarket Depot.

Through listening to customer requirements we have ensured our CETs provide ease of use, low maintenance; low running costs, cleanliness of operation and quick installation. Our fully automatic systems mean all the operator has to do is attach the CET hose and tanking water hose, and at the press of the button, see the system carry out the whole of the CET operation, including the flushing of the effluent tank.

Blockage-prevention inline macerator

Experience shows that all manner of unusual objects can get lodged in CET pumps – including batteries, bolts, ballast, large rags and items of clothing – all of which can stop a pump from working thus rendering the whole CET system inoperative.

Where heavy fines are imposed on operators for not emptying the toilets, the occasional blockage can cause a great deal of financial heartache. Therefore, on installations where the highest level of operating reliability is a necessity an inline macerator can be installed, which will catch any item that is likely to block the system and cause damage to the pumps, thus making the system technically blockage free.

Stand-alone CET system

Our stand-alone CET system is ideal for single-point use where space is limited and budget is minimal. The stand-alone modules incorporate duty / standby pumps, a control panel, and a retracting hose reel for tanking / flushing water. It requires only an electrical supply, water supply and effluent drain connection.

Train fuelling installations

The Airquick Rail fuelling installations are designed and based upon many years’ experience in the maintenance and repair of such systems. Our designs incorporate innovative dispensing methods based upon gravity and suction rather than the centralised high-pressure systems, which cause problems with the latest designs of fuel tanks and can have catastrophic environmental pollution implications.

Multi-point fuelling installations

The changing design of rail vehicles has led to new multi-point fuelling installations requiring simultaneous high-flow, low-pressure fuel delivery such as those we have designed for Etches Park, Crewe, Manchester Longsight, Selhurst, Cricklewood, Reading and many others.

We have built into our design ease of use, low maintenance, low running costs, cleanliness of operation and system safety that can only come from having a thorough understanding of customer needs and system requirements.

Fuel data collection equipment

Methods of recording fuel-dispensing data vary depending upon customer requirements. Fuel data-collection equipment can range from a traditional mechanical meter, which also produces a printed ticket of the quantity dispensed, to a full local digital display and remote data-logging system that can provide detailed information including train number, quantity dispensed, time, date and operator (all of which can be converted to a spreadsheet format for further data analysis).

Lubricating oil and coolant pumping systems

Centralised pumping systems for the delivery of fresh oil and coolant and the recovery of waste oil and coolant are becoming an important part of the depot servicing facility and the need for fast cycle times ever more prevalent. Whether for top up on a night servicing apron or full oil and coolant change within a depot, Airquick have provided systems to meet the demands.

Each system is tailored to suit the individual depot requirements and provides operators with proven reliability and simple operation. The system fitted at Edinburgh Haymarket Depot was designed to service Class 170 three-car sets and includes lube oil and coolant dispensing and waste oil and coolant recovery, operated using the compressed air system, also installed by Airquick.

Additional facilities for this depot included the provision of non-potable water dispensing points and re-designing and implementation of the existing fuelling facility.

Compressed Air

Since 1974, Airquick has been an authorised distributor for Atlas Copco compressed air systems, serving major manufacturing and process industries across the breadth of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire and in 2014 the company celebrates nearly four decades of providing compressed air engineering services.

Airquick offers a full range of the latest innovations in piston, rotary screw, oil-free and VSD compressed air technology. This aspect of the company’s activity encompasses the design, supply, installation and aftersales services of Atlas Copco industrial and automotive compressed air systems, ranging from the smallest workshop unit right through to complete, full-feature WorkPlace and quality air packages.

Airquick also provides a complementary range of dryers, filters and condensate drains as well as radical new quality air products, such as the latest membrane drying technology incorporating advanced air/water separation fibre techniques, and innovative, easy push-fit, lightweight, corrosion-free AIRNet pipework systems.

Also offered is a great range of second hand compressors, air dryers and filters of all makes, as well as new pipe, fittings and ancillary gauges, ball valves and quick release couplings, and all of the compressed air activities are backed up with a fully comprehensive service and maintenance operation offering 24 hour cover for contract customers.

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