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Train Washing Plants

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Click here to read about Airquick CET (controlled-emission toilets).

Airquick began trading as a compressed-air engineering company in May 1974, and quickly became established with British Rail in the 1970s by replacing life-expired compressors on the Eastern Region.

On completion of this work, Airquick was invited to look at other projects; initially supplying and fitting spray systems, and building chemical pump rigs for train wash plants, but expanding to completely designing, building and maintaining wash plants, fuelling systems, lavatory flushing aprons and CET systems, as well as the specialist design and build of bowsers for coolant, oil and windscreen top-up.

Airquick is a Linkup audited supplier to Network Rail and currently holds the contract for the maintenance of depot infrastructure; work which includes carriage wash plants, fuelling, CET, coolant, lube oil and compressed air systems.

Perth Wash Plant within heated enclosed building for low-temperature washing.
Bathgate wash plant incorporating heated modules with doors for low-temperature washing.
Automatic CET module incorporating tank flushing and tanking water dispensing.
Waste oil and coolant connection points and compressed air outlet in a pit road.
Hammersmith Depot wash plant, fully automatic enclosed plant to wash roof sides and nose ends.
Six-car fuel, coolant, lubricating oil and water dispensing apron at Selhurst Depot.
Five-car Voyager servicing apron, and fuel, CET, tanking and wholesome water dispensing at Bombardier Crofton Depot.
Airquick has received certifications from a number of industry bodies.

This work covers the eastern side of the country from London to Newcastle and as far west as Birmingham. Having supplied a number of wash plants on the London Underground, Airquick has a contract to Metronet for the monthly maintenance work on ten wash plants across the north London region.

Train cleaning systems

Airquick is uniquely placed in the train washing market and draws on its 30+ years of experience maintaining and supporting wash plants across the railway network to produce up-to-date, proven, high-performance designs and control systems.

Our railway control systems incorporate robust, low maintenance, long-life engineering and each plant is designed to suit individual requirements and operating constraints.

Train cleaning system services

  • Design, building, installation, commissioning and handover of brush or flail type train washing plant installations
  • Roof and skirt washing
  • Nose end washing
  • Totally enclosed plant for complete spray containment
  • Modern operator aids – line-side speed indication / monitoring, local or remote diagnostics, vehicle identification, and data logging, monitoring and analysis
  • Refurbishment and upgrading of existing plants
  • Flail to brush conversions
  • Independent consultancy – evaluation and advice on project options
  • Troubleshooting – evaluation of current performance, proposals for restoring effectiveness / upgrading options
  • Maintenance and servicing contracts

One-stop shop for train servicing systems

Airquick has the specialised staff and resources to offer a nationwide range of additional services aimed at providing a one-stop solution to the railway industry. Our services include:

  • Controlled emission toilet (CET) installations
  • Complete fuel, lubricant and coolant dispensing installations
  • Waste oil and coolant recovery systems
  • Service apron water dispensing systems
  • Overhaul / modification of carriage wash plant and piped services
  • Comprehensive maintenance and servicing contracts encompassing Network Rail 24-hour reactive maintenance work
  • Lavatory flushing apron (LFA) installations
  • Special-purpose mobile equipment
  • Prototype and one-off specialist plant
  • Sales, service and installation of air compressors and associated equipment
  • Wholesome water dispensing system, both for station platforms and depot servicing facilities

Airquick is a Linkup-approved supplier to Network Rail and all its engineers have PTS certification. The company is also a member of the British Compressed Air Society and an NICEIC-accredited electrical installer.

Controlled emission toilets

Our CET systems provide safe, hygienic disposal of the contents of the toilet retention tanks on carriages, and are based upon many years’ experience in CET maintenance and repair.

We also have a stand-alone CET system for single-point use where space is limited and budget is minimal.

Train fuelling installations

Airquick fuelling installations incorporate innovative dispensing methods based upon low-pressure feed rather than normal centralised high-pressure systems. We also provide multi-point fuelling installations.

Fuel data collection equipment

We can provide different methods of recording fuel-dispensing data depending on customer requirements ranging from simple mechanical metres through to centralised data collection and remote transfer to data collection facility.

Lubricating oil and coolant pumping systems

Centralised pumping systems for the delivery of fresh oil and coolant and the recovery of waste oil and coolant are becoming an important part of the depot servicing facility and the need for fast cycle times ever more prevalent. Whether for top up on a night servicing apron or full oil and coolant change within a depot, A have provided systems to meet the demands.

Airquick’s systems centralised pumping systems for the delivery of fresh oil and coolant and the recovery of waste oil and coolant are tailored to suit individual depots’ requirements.

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