HydraulicoLink one of the latest developments from Hydraulico designed to provide increased uptime at a very low cost.

A digitalised solution allowing best-in-class maintenance and placing Hydraulico as an ideal service partner, no matter the brand of your hydraulic presses.

Based on a secured Cloud platform, it allows to eliminate documentation dependency, provides machine history traceability, instant video sharing for troubleshooting, as well as increased and instant remote assistance.

Check the overall status of your presses, next maintenance operations to execute, spare parts availability and pricing, and production of data collecting.

Hydraulico has provided more than 4000 hydraulic presses in 60 countries since 1946.

Its product range includes tailor-made presses up to 8,000t and six forming axes, as well as customised press solutions integrating different kinds of peripheral equipment, automation, heating technologies and tooling.

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