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Non-Destructive Testing for Railroad Equipment

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NDT Systems & Services is a leading supplier of non-destructive testing equipment. The range of products and services offered includes automated inspection systems as well as inspection services. The automated systems include a range of highly sophisticated testing equipment for the wheels and the wheel-axle assembly of railroad cars and engines as well as rails.

Ultrasonic wheel-testing systems

Different automated wheel-testing systems, based on ultrasonic technology are available for the testing of the rim of the wheel as well as the full volume of the wheel and axle. The portfolio of products includes automated systems licensed from the Fraunhofer institutes IZFP, Saarbruecken and TEG, Stuttgart, such as automated ultrasonic railroad wheel set testing station (AURA) and rail wheel inspection (RWI). The equipment provided includes systems for the inspection of assembled as well as disassembled wheels.

Railroad inspection systems

NDT Systems & Services can draw on the extensive experience, technical know how and creativity of its workforce as well as the close operation with IZFP and TEG to provide state-of-the-art inspection systems and special inspection services.

NDT Systems & Services serves the oil and gas, steel, railroad and automotive industries and focuses on the design and application of advanced ultrasonic testing technologies in order to help their customers meet their ever increasing inspection needs.

AURA - Automated Ultrasonic Wheel Set Inspection System (front view).
AURA - Automated Ultrasonic Wheel Set Inspection System (overview transducer/sensor carrier).
RWI - Rail Wheel Inspection, overview of the ultrasonic wheel inspection system including gripping device.
AUROPA - Automated Roll Over System for High Speed Trains.

In addition, NDT Systems & Services has created an expert network consisting of a number of carefully selected strategic partners to complement the range of products and services offered.

Ultrasonic inspection systems

Inspection technologies for the railroad-industry are offered through the NDT Systems division of the company. The full range of products also includes ultrasonic inspection systems for the online and offline inspection of heavy plate, pipe and tailored blanks. The full service package provided includes customized design, engineering, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance.

Non-destructive testing technologies

The company was founded by combining the expertise of NDT Systems & Services and NDT Engineering. The structure of the company is based on our vision to provide high quality products and services at true value for money. To achieve this goal we focus on understanding and applying non-destructive testing technologies in order to help our customers to solve their inspection needs.


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    The Springfield Rail Improvements Project aims to enhance rail line capacity to accommodate and reduce the effects of the increasing high‐speed passenger and freight train traffic on the three north‐south rail corridors including Springfield, the Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, Canadian National / Illinois & Midland.

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