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High-Speed Data Acquisition Instruments and Solutions for Rail Applications

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Elsys offers fast, high-precision data acquisition (DAQ) instruments and solutions.

The company’s products are successfully implemented in a wide range of rail applications to promote efficiency and output-driven developments.

Fast sampling rates from 2MHz to 240MHz make the product suitable for material and power converter testing, power line monitoring, and many other applications where fast transients occur.

The compact data acquisition (DA) instrument TraNET FE features between four and 32 channels, an Ethernet connection, an integrated hard disk, a 2MHz-240MHz sampling rate, and a 100mV to 100V input range.
Elsys' portable all-in-one transient recorder is a portable acquisition instrument that offers between four and 24 channels and a 17in high-resolution screen, and is operable on Windows 10.
TranAX data acquisition software turns your data acquisition instrument into a data acquistion (DAQ) solution. Measurement configuration, visualisation, post-analysis and reporting are all offered by one software.
The image shows high-speed video synchronisation to Elsys DAQ during a crash test with railway bumpers. The company's solutions provide pressure measurements and high-speed video.
Elsys' SGA-2 strain gauge amplifier is a two-channel high-speed (1.5MHz) amplifier that connects full, half or quarter-bridge strain gauges with internal bridge completion.
The company provides high-precision attenuators for voltages up to 1,000V and attenuations of 100:1 or 1,000:1. The three-channel solutions offer accuracy of +- 0.1%.

Turnkey measurement instruments for rail applications

Elsys’ DAQ solutions are turnkey measurement instruments that require no advanced programming knowledge.

The intuitive measurement software TranAX enables easy measurements, data analysis and reporting. Complex measurements and reporting tasks can be prepared in advance, allowing clients to focus on their applications during tests.

Scalable solutions with up to 32 DAQ channels

Elsys provides simple four-channel DAQ cards that can be installed in standard computers or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications. If a higher number of channels are needed, the company offers the robust TraNET FE devices, which are extendable from four to 32 channels.

Suitable for field measurements or service and maintenance tasks, Elsys’ compact solutions are mobile for on-the-go maintenance. Larger systems can either be built in a standard 19in industrial chassis or by synchronising several smaller devices.

Autonomous measurement and remote monitoring

Elsys’ fully autonomous DAQ instruments can also be used as data loggers and accessed remotely online. A sophisticated measurement mode called ECR enables the system to be triggered by sporadic events, which it stores directly on an internal solid-state disc.

Post-analysis power measurement software for rail systems

Included in the TranAX measurement software, Elsys’ powerful Formula Editor provides a large set of predefined post-analysis functions, such as low-band or high-pass filtering, as well as root mean square (RMS), CosPhi, CrestFactor or Power Factor calculations.

For more sophisticated analysis, standard programming functions such as loops, if-else constructs or sub-functions are available. A total of 60 predefined functions are included. Calculated results can be either visualised directly in TranAX waveforms or exported in many different file formats.

High-precision data acquisition cards

Elsys develops high-precision DAQ cards with typical DC errors smaller than 0.1% of the full-scale range, making them more accurate than standard DAQ products.

Introduced in 1995, Elsys’ products have been continuously enhanced and adapted to meet customer requirements. The company has delivered systems that are still in service after more than ten years.

Rail signal amplifiers, attenuators, generators and converters

Beside its DAQ instruments, Elsys also offers several measurement-related products, including high-speed strain gauge amplifiers, low-noise signal amplifiers, trigger signal generators, and reluctance to transistor-transistor logic (TTL) signal converters.

The company also offers high-voltage precision attenuators for voltages up to 1,000V, with 20:1, 100:1 and 1,000:1 attenuation.

Specifications for Elsys’ range of DAQ solutions include:

  • Sample rate from 2MHz up to 240MHz (per channel)
  • 14-bit or 16-bit resolution
  • 32 or 128 MS memory per channel
  • +/-50mV up to +- 50mV input range
  • Bayonet Neill-Concelman (BNC) input connectors
  • Single-ended or differential inputs
  • 0.1% DC precision
  • PCIe DAQ card interface
  • Single-shot or continuous (streaming) measurement mode
  • C++ / C#, LabVIEW, IVI driver

Customer-specific modifications and after-sale services

Elsys’ flexible DAQ solutions can be adapted with customer-specific modifications, such as a modified instrument chassis, the integration of additional third-party hardware, or additional TranAX software functionality.

Several open-software interfaces enable the Elsys DAQ solution to be integrated in almost any customer-specific environment. If any support is needed, Elsys can provide software integration support in various programming languages.

Complex measurement flows, analysis and reporting demands can be prepared and supported by Elsys directly to accelerate and simplify measurement tasks.

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