Eurailtest, the Rolling Stock Engineering Centre (CIM) and the Railway Test Agency (AEF) are performing tests on the Flirt LEX, a self-propelled trainset designed by Stadler for the cross-border service between France and Switzerland, of the same specifications used in the two countries’ local service.

To obtain the necessary input for demonstrating proof of safety and obtaining type approval for this rolling stock, Stadler sought technical assistance from

Qualification and integration of the ERTMS -KVB dual-standard safety system

The services commissioned were carried out between December 2017 and July 2019 and comprised several phases in connection with qualification, integration and tests. The engineering work performed by the CIM began with qualification on the simulator of the complete ERTMS / KVB dual standard system with its Flirt LEX parameter settings. This stage consisted of checking that the safety equipment was properly installed on the basis of the manufacturer’s documents and in relation to equipment supplier documentation.

Once test rig qualification operations were completed, the CIM moved on to the next stage, qualification of the trainset itself. The safety equipment and its specific settings had to be submitted to dynamic tests and to SAM S 702 and ERTMS level one, L1-LS and KVB tests. The aim of all these operations was to ensure that the equipment was properly installed and that the interfaces between Flirt LEX rolling stock and the dual standard, ATESS and radio systems were duly in place. This involved static and dynamic tests on single and multiple-unit trainsets (UM2). The necessary organisational arrangements were entrusted to AEF.

Once qualification and integration tests had been satisfactorily performed, the CIM then undertook the safety operations needed to provide the proof needed for obtaining full market approval. AMM, formerly AMEC is a revenue service authority. All these operations were conducted on the basic and specific parts of the dual standard equipment. For the specific parts, the CIM proceeded via analysis of the safety studies performed by Stadler and required for the rolling stock safety case application.

Flirt LEX was given full market approval (AMM) on 15 October 2019 and is scheduled to be commissioned on the Leman Express line on 15 December 2019.