Eurailtest has been developing simulation tools and software with partner laboratories to improve and extend its test services for a number of years.

Simulation techniques are now used for many rolling stock and infrastructure applications. They offer an innovative, much-awaited response to rail sector demand.

OSCAR the simulation dedicated to qualification and type approval

Eurailtest’s partners SNCF Réseau and SNCF Mobilités had created software for simulating the interaction between the pantograph and the overhead contact line. This digital software, codenamed OSCAR, is used to produce 3D models of the different overhead line and pantograph parameters, for all types of overhead line and pantograph combinations.

OSCAR software has been certified in accordance with the EN 50318 standard.

Modelling overhead contact lines, pantographs and the interaction between them serves a variety of purposes at all stages of client projects:

  • To optimise pantograph settings and establish critical line test configurations, thus enabling major cuts to be achieved in type approval test duration
  • To optimise overhead line and pantograph design
  • To perform checks on system interaction during the design phase
  • To propose efficient, cost-effective solutions for enhancing current collection
  • To propose solutions for improving infrastructure and rolling stock components
  • To optimise maintenance rules

To conduct the simulations required to acquire certification for interoperability constituents as set out in the Technical Specifications for Interoperability

Software optimisation with direct impact

Our partner, SNCF Réseau, has now upgraded the OSCAR software and developed new processing methods for the data produced.

Its latest version has been baptised ‘OSCAR+’. Not only does this improved software offer even more reliable results, but it also has direct repercussions on test campaigns:

  • Clearer, more circumscribed tests and priorities enabling 10% to 30% reductions in the volume of line tests compared with the original OSCAR.
  • Optimisation of pantograph settings before the start of line tests.
  • Possibility of avoiding tests at 0°, since these can be fully simulated by means of OSCAR +.