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Eco-Friendly Seating and Furniture for Railway Stations

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Green Furniture Concept offers environmentally friendly public seating and sustainable furniture for railway stations.

Modular railway station seating

The company provides modular seating systems for public areas such as railway stations and retail centres. Solutions are made with individually shaped wood slats that can be joined to form a range of seating configurations.

Green Furniture Concept’s seating solutions can accommodate approximately 50% more people in public areas compared to traditional seating.

The modular furniture can be made to fit any space in, various colour schemes, and help to adapt or change passenger movement in the area.

Railway station benches with workstations

Green Furniture Concept offers seating for medium to large public interior environments, working with a small number of large customers. Solutions can be adapted to specific requirements as the company invests time in learning about the client’s business.

Customised furniture can include workstations, device chargers, and noise filtering options, which aim to improve customer satisfaction and sales.

Green Furniture Concept provides railway seating comprising durable materials in ergonomic, sturdy, and sustainable designs.

Sustainable seating for railway station interiors

Green Furniture Concept enhances public spaces by providing them with identity, meaning, and function. The company aims to create ambient places in transport hubs that allow passengers to rest and socialise while creating positive experiences.

Railway seating is designed to boost visitor satisfaction and encourage commerce. The company’s sustainable solutions can also optimise space to accommodate more seats, functions, and people.

Public seating for transport hubs

Designers and architects have established newly built stations as local landmarks that make short-distance intercity journeys more convenient than air travel.

Architects see the potential to design train stations as multi-use urban environments, connecting them to passengers and their modern lifestyles. With railways becoming more autonomous, the transport hubs will depend on passengers. Future railways will integrate passengers in new ways and make customer satisfaction a priority.

About Green Furniture Concept

Green Furniture Concept focuses on sustainability in its furniture development. The company aims to showcase how sustainable products can be functional, well-designed, and long-lasting.

The company has a cyclic holistic working approach, from sourcing raw materials, to the overall business model.

Green Furniture Concept takes full responsibility for the state and function of all furniture throughout its lifetime. Customers have a 15-year warranty for products from the Nova C Series, as well as five years for IOU and the Leaf Lamp Series.

The company also offers a buyback guarantee, which means customers can sell their furniture back to be recycled or reused.

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Products & services

  • Accessories

    Our accessories work very well as stand-alone products, or as part of our seating series.

  • Seamless Table Series

    The contouring tabletops are inspired by natural shapes to create multipurpose spaces.

  • Nova C Seating Series

    The design of the bench shapes a seamless seating line for natural flow control, while the body-conscious contours ensure comfort.

  • Ascent Seating Series

    Designed with placemaking in mind, Ascent’s soft contours, smooth textures, and sustainable wood make public space interiors warmer and more welcoming.

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