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Electronic Data Magnetics

Smart Cards and Tickets for Railway Systems

Electronic Data Magnetics (EDM) is a manufacturer of technically advanced printed products used by the railway industry.

210 Old Thomasville Rd,
High Point, North Carolina 27260,
United States of America

210 Old Thomasville Rd,
High Point, North Carolina 27260,
United States of America

Electronic Data Magnetics (EDM) is a manufacturer of technically advanced printed products used by the railway industry.

RFID smart tickets for the rail industry

EDM is known in the railway industry for providing high-quality custom RFID smart tickets. Radio frequency identification (RFID) or ‘smart cards’ are becoming more common within the rail industry and the contact-less cards allow for greater ease entering and exiting turnstiles. They are also easily loaded with monetary value.

We are at the forefront of this technology, providing customers with both limited use and permanent smart card technology. We constantly develop efficient manufacturing processes so that EDM continues to provide the highest quality RFID smart cards to customers.

Our RFID smart cards are available in common chip types such as MiFare Ultralite, MiFare 1k, 2k 4k, DesFire 2k, 4k and Infineon MyDMove. They come in product formats including cut singles, roll and fan-folded and can incorporate limited use and permanent smart ticket technology.

RFID smart cards are also available with design and print features such as simple text, complex four color process, halftones and gradient screens, and print features such as signature panels, security features and UV varnish.

Programming of RFID smart tickets

EDM can program your smart card or smart ticket according to your OEM specifications or industry standards. We have programmed specific fields of the IC with value, number of trips and validity dates. Programed IC types include:

  • 100% verification of write and read to IC when programing
  • 100% data retention of programed data
  • Ability to program continuous product as well as cut single cards
  • Imprint matching data onto card

Magnetic stripe cards for rail travel

EDM produces a variety of magnetic stripe cards for the rail industry. We have served major US equipment suppliers such as Cubic Transportation Systems and GFI Genfare, the leading equipment suppliers to the US transit industry. We have also worked with ACS, Scheidt & Bachmann, Indra and ERG through our various customers.

We routinely print magnetic stripe card products with four-color process printing, encoding and security features. We service both large and small customers with annual requirements ranging from 50,000 to hundreds of millions.

EDM is accustomed to shifts in demand and schedule with its existing customer base, and has materials inventoried to accommodate such demands for specific customers and product types.

Cards can be produced in various materials including paper, direct thermal paper, polyester, direct thermal polyester, and synthetic and synthetic direct thermal.

High-quality magnetic strip cards

Our magnetic strip cards can be printed on paper, direct thermal paper, polyester, direct thermal polyester and synthetic, and synthetic direct thermal.

EDM utilises custom-built encoding machines capable of encoding and verification of encoded data at high speeds.

The design and print of our magnetic strip cards include:

  • Simple text to complex four color process
  • Halftones and gradient screens
  • Print features such as signature panels, security features and UV varnish

For added safety and monitoring, EDM can imprint a sequential serial number onto the cards or match the encoded serial number as required by our customer.

All our RFID smart cards and magnetic stripe cards are created using a manufacturing process modeled after the rules and regulations of the ISO 9002 program.

Encoding of magnetic stripe cards and tickets

EDM can pre-encode your magnetic stripe card or ticket according to the specifications of your OEM or industry standards. Security is increased by using sequential numbering, account number and names and hidden data.

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Electronic Data Magnetics, Inc.

210 Old Thomasville Rd

High Point, North Carolina 27260


United States of America