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Broadband Wireless Train-to-Ground Solutions

RADWIN's solutions provide train-to-ground wireless broadband connectivity for a range of applications, including Wi-Fi on trains, high-definition closed-circuit television (HD CCTV) and communications-based train control (CBTC).


RADWIN’s solutions provide train-to-ground wireless broadband for a range of applications, including Wi-Fi on trains, high-definition closed-circuit television (HD CCTV), and signalling and communications-based train control (CBTC).

Next-generation train-to-ground broadband communications

RADWIN’s FiberinMotion® solution delivers reliable train-to-ground wireless broadband communications, with a user throughput of 500Mbps, for underground and overground trains moving at speeds up to 350km/h. It also offers long-range coverage of up to 10km between base stations to reduce complexity, operating expenses (OpEX) and capital expenditure (CapEx).

FiberinMotion provides high-throughput and reliable wireless connectivity between moving trains and trackside base-stations. It incorporates RADWIN’s technology for operation in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments, such as tunnels, bridges and urban areas.

FiberinMotion also offers a stable performance with low latency to support a variety of services, including HD video, voiceover internet protocol (VoIP) telephony, and high-capacity internet access. It is capable of uplink transmission for real-time CCTV transmission, and offers a configurable uplink / downlink ratio.

The solution offers an embedded quality of service mechanism to enable prioritisation and sharing over the Air Interface. It guarantees dedicated bandwidth per train and supports seamless handover to ensure a continuous, high-quality service.

FiberinMotion complies with stringent railways standards, including EN50155, EN50121, EN61373 and IEC60571.

Trackside radio base stations

RADWIN’s trackside radio base stations (TBS) provide continuous coverage and connectivity to trains moving along the route.

Each TBS is deployed at planned intervals with directional antennas pointing up and down the track.

Mobile radio units for trains

RADWIN mobile radio units (TMUs) are installed on-board trains, along with multiple antennas on the rooftop.

Based on RADWIN’s advanced algorithms, the TMU is continuously connected to the optimal TBS and provides seamless connectivity between all on-board devices and the trackside network.

Each train is equipped with one or two mobile units, which interconnect with nearby trackside base-stations. In order to provide consistent connectivity, TMUs dynamically switch between relevant TBSs (also known as performing handoffs) while minimising handover time. TBSs are installed along the tracks at distances determined according to specific site planning and radio frequency (RF) surveys.

Network management and monitoring tools

RADWIN offers a tailored suite of management and monitoring tools, including a central network management system, real-time performance monitoring and offline performance analysis applications.

These tools have been specifically developed and customised to support large-scale transportation project deployments.

Field-proven train-to-ground broadband connectivity for trains

RADWIN’s FiberinMotion solution is the widest commercially deployed solution for broadband train-to-ground connectivity.

It has already been installed in many rail and metro networks worldwide, including by the Utah Transit Authority (UTA), the Mexico City-Toluca rail line, and the world’s largest onboard passenger Wi-Fi deployment in Moscow Metro, which carries round 2.5 million users daily across 650 trains. Trains on the Moscow Metro offer a net throughput of 100mbps, and are therefore equipped to handle downloads amounting to more than 70TB every day.

Wi-Fi On-Board Trains: Key Considerations for Rail and Metro Operators

Our world is becoming 100% connected, with continuous connectivity a basic commodity. Connectivity 'dark spots' are becoming fewer and smaller, and as such they stand out to customers as poor user experience. One of the major remaining dark spot environments is the transportation industry, specifically rail and metro.

RADWIN and MaximaTelecom Demonstrate 500 Mbps Throughput Onboard Moscow Metro Trains

RADWIN and MaximaTelecom, operator of the largest worldwide Wi-Fi network onboard Moscow Metro, today announced results of RADWIN's recently-launched Next Generation Train-to-Ground solution. RADWIN's new platform delivered 500Mbps actual Ethernet throughput onboard Moscow Metro Line 11 (Kakhovskaya), setting a new benchmark in the industry.

RADWIN Demonstrates Over 500 Mbps Connectivity in New Train-to-Ground Solution

RADWIN today announced the launch of its new generation train-to-ground solution capable of delivering unparalleled throughput of over 500Mbps per train. RADWIN's latest solution sets a new standard for the transportation industry. Rail and metro operators can use RADWIN's solution to build a dedicated broadband network for their rolling stock to support multiple onboard services, such as high-speed Wi-Fi for passengers, multimedia infotainment and HD CCTV.