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GAI-Tronics Rail and Station Weather and Vandal-Resistant Telephones

GAI-Tronics designs and manufactures weather and vandal-resistant telephones for stations, platforms, level crossings and tracksides worldwide.

Withstanding unforgiving extremes of temperature, moisture, contamination, sunshine, wind, dust and salt, GAI-Tronics equipment is ideal for rail environments.

Weather-resistant rail telephones and information points

All our rail telephones and information points are weather-resistant up to IP65 and include features specific to their intended environment.

Disability-friendly station telephones and information points

For public-access areas, our products have standard disability-friendly features including large, palm-operable buttons; induction loops for those with impaired hearing; and audio-visual ring indication. Raised text legends with Braille can be added for sight-impaired users.

Connectivity options include wireless, voice over IP and GSM-R.

Telephones for platforms and stations

Personal security is a growing issue and help points are becoming increasingly necessary for railway stations and remote locations, where access to emergency or information lines provides added protection for the public.

Station hands-free telephones

GAI-Tronics help-point technology is commonly found at rail stations and platforms.

Our hands-free telephones allow the public to press a button to connect to an information centre or for emergency assistance.

In addition to voice capability, we can include data transmission, cameras, and call-centre software, enabling interactive communications between user and control centre.

GAI-Tronics offers GSM connectivity option. This GSM version accepts any standard SIM card and has an
integrated on-body antenna, which gives you a completely stand alone telephone.

Telephones for level crossings

GAI-Tronics telephones are a familiar sight next to level crossings, where access to the signal box is crucial.

The telephones are either no-button or one-button models. When the user picks up the handset (and presses the button if available) a pre-programmed number will be dialled to connect the user to the signal box. The button can be illuminated to allow better visibility in remote areas or dark conditions.

Driver-to-signalman trackside telephones

Trackside telephones are usually used for driver-to-signalman communications in the case of a breakdown, incident or train-comms failure. The trackside telephones have handsets and usually have only one button to press, which dials a pre-programmed number.

The strong magnet-closing doors ensure the door doesn’t open accidentally as a train passes.

Network Rail-approved telephones

Network Rail approvals have been achieved for GAI-Tronics rail telephones. All products meet stringent safety specifications and are approved and certified by leading international regulatory bodies / PTT authorities.

ISO-certified rail telephones

GAI-Tronics is an ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001-certified manufacturer, operating at the highest levels of product quality, health and safety, and customer service.

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Press Release

New Public Address and General Alarm System from Hubbell GAI-Tronics

The Elemec3 is a digitally controlled public address and general alarm system (PA/GA) by Hubbell GAI-Tronics.

GAI-Tronics, a division of Hubbell Limited

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Press Release

29 October 2013

The Elemec3 is a digitally controlled public address and general alarm system (PA/GA) by Hubbell GAI-Tronics.

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16 July 2013

GAI-Tronics Autodialler models are programmable via an internal keypad. A microphone muting facility guards against unauthorised calls made with a remote MF tone pad. To make a call, simply lift the handset and press a single button. The pre-programmed number (up to 24 digits) will then dial automatically.

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18 October 2012

Designed to provide a public emergency telephone system for level rail crossings, the KETS system has been engineered to meet the onerous standards of such applications whilst providing simpler installation and maintenance. The initial investment and projected lifespan of the KETS System would allow significant savings over existing competitive products.

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28 June 2012

GAI-Tronics Titan CB Telephones now is updated of Network Rail approval.

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27 June 2012

GAI-Tronics has announced an agreement with Burnside Telecom to produce and market a series of GSM-enabled rugged telephone and terminal products. The jointly developed products, which are designed for tough indoor and outdoor use, will combine GAI-Tronics technology with Burnside innovation inside.

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17 October 2010

GAI-Tronics is pleased to announce the newly achieved Alcatel-Lucent 'certified application' status for its weather and vandal resistant VoIP telephones. The Alcatel-Lucent alliance and application partner program (AAPP) is designed to support companies that develop communications appli

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14 October 2010

GAI-Tronics SIP VoIP telephones have been tested for their emergency / industrial telephone interoperability in conjunction with the following Cisco equipment: Phones - Cisco 7960, 7941, 7961 Gateways - Cisco ATA186/8 SIP servers - Cisco call manager 5, Cisco

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9 June 2010

GAI-Tronics in the UK is proud to announce several new features and improvements in its range of rugged VoIP telephones. Each VoIP telephone now has two programmable isolated relays that can be set to activate external devices such as beacons, SCADA inputs or CCTV triggers. Each relay i

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9 June 2010

In January this year GAI-Tronics' Vision hardware was approved by Network Rail for webCIS applications on platforms and stations. The approval number is PA05/03958; PADS 087/037928. Vision help points are built for weather and vandal resistance, with a toughened screen and casing to sur

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22 March 2010

The PHP400 has been approved by Network Rail. PHP400 is a rugged, public access hands-free telephone housed in a white enclosure. The units are compact (400mm diameter, 88mm deep) and have the same fixing requirements as other GAI-Tronics telephones. The help point telephones

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GAI-Tronics, a division of Hubbell Limited

Brunel Drive

Stretton Park



DE13 0BZ

United Kingdom

+44 1283 500500 +44 1283 500400 www.gai-tronics.co.uk

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