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LED Lighting, Train Passenger Information Displays, Traffic Lights and Signals

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DSTA provides both standard LED solutions for each of its specific market divisions and custom-made solutions adjusted to clients’ specific needs, allowing them to integrate different technologies and devices.

DSTA’s clients particularly value its capacity to assemble solutions whereby they cover a complete operating cycle starting with product design, manufacturing and integrating its products, and ultimately providing an optimum installation.

Throughout this cycle, DSTA can apply its cross-market product knowledge for each of its market divisions, improving both the technical and aesthetical designs in order to get the most out of their clients’ investments.

DSTA have recently designed a customised LED headlight for Madrid Underground (Metro de Madrid) through thoughtful designing and close collaboration between both organisations. Several prototypes where developed to finally achieve a perfect and optimal solution which met the final clients needs.

DSTA’s LED lobby information display in the Sevilla train station for the high-speed train (AVE).
DSTA’s LED headlights for the Madrid underground trains (Metro de Madrid.)
DSTA’s specially designed LED platform displays for the Cercanias train service in the main Spanish cities.
DSTA’s on-board LED information display for the high-speed train (AVE).
DSTA’s LED light solution for train platforms in Avila.

On-board LED passenger information systems for trains

DSTA offers on-board passenger information systems. It is a market leader in its national economy and provides over ten years’ experience in the manufacture of information panels for trains.

The design of DSTA’s on-board passenger information systems can be in LCD/LED/TFT or touch screen technology and our standard design is based on the Spanish standard railway model. Seeing as 50% of DSTA staff work for R&D, they have the resources and capability to design customised solutions in an extremely short time frame, something they have much experience in given the different requirements of this client base.

Outdoor LED passenger information systems for trains

DSTA also offers outdoor passenger information displays for platforms and lobbies. They have supplied the national railway operator since 2003 and today most suburban information displays you can see in Spain are designed and manufactured by DSTA.

Our information displays can be in LED/LCD/TFT technology and are characterised by a high visual comfort, attractive mechanical designs and an overall reliability of the system.

For both on-board and outdoor information displays, DSTA supplies easy to use management software to be able to manage each display individually or collectively.

Platform management and supervision displays

DSTA’s platform management and supervision panels include eight lines destined for general information messages: the first seven display the text in amber and the eighth (bicolor) line displays the text both in red and in amber. Each character has a height of 83.5mm and offers the possibility of using two different character formats: 11×7 pixels or 5×7 pixels.

The mechanical design ensures an IP54 moisture degree. The frontal section is made of steel with a laminated polycarbonate protection, a special UV treatment (where the LEDs are situated) and gas springs for an automatic raise
Rail station lighting.

DSTA’s rail station lighting is designed to give you the maximum benefits (adjusted to each situation) from using the minimum amount of lighting. It is compatible with public street lighting regulations and the CE market standards. Our rail station lighting is electric supply based on renewable energies and provides high energy efficiency.

DSTA’s lighting division can offer you lighting studies on each platform/street/parking scenario calculating the required luxes and uniformity levels to ensure you are using the appropriate LED light which meets the specified standards. Of course, this study also includes a ROI calculation which demonstrates the cost benefits of investing in LED technology compared to conventional technology.

Railway traffic lights

As a leading supplier of traffic light optics, DSTA provides traffic lights designed for almost any sector within the traffic industry. DSTA can provide customized traffic lights for trams ways and railways.

To date, DSTA have developed over 100 traffic light products which include all the functionalities required for their specific sector. All traffic lights are compatible with local regulations and the CE market standards.


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