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Electronic Systems Engineering for the Railway Sector

ISE specialises in customisable technologies for rolling stock fire protection and fire safety solutions.

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ISE stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the railway sector, with a heritage spanning over three decades in railway systems and more than fifteen years in fire safety solutions. The company is committed to encouraging innovations in railway fire safety and providing customers with the highest levels of protection.

Fire protection solutions for the railway sector

Central to ISE’s portfolio is its state-of-the-art technology for rolling stock fire protection. The company’s fire protection systems focus on early detection and rapid reaction, which is pivotal for ensuring the safety of passengers, crew, and tangible assets in the railway environment.

As the product of advanced engineering and innovation, ISE’s fire protection systems are designed to detect fires early in rail environments. This provides critical time for evacuation and response strategies that can be fully managed in an automated way and with certified levels of Safety Integrity. Strict compliance with applicable standards in the railway field, such as EN 50155, EN 45545, EN 50553 and other certifications, is a key factor in ensuring that the company’s solutions are fully aligned with its customers’ needs and provide the highest levels of safety.

ISE’s range of products includes smoke detection systems for rolling stock, fire protection systems for railways, fire safety technologies for trains, and SIL-certified and custom safety systems.

SIL-certified custom railway safety systems

The adherence to and certification of ISE’s product solutions under the safety integrity level (SIL) framework is a key element of the company’s commitment to safety. SIL certification is achieved through a process involving an internal and independent validation and verification team.

ISE also uses reliable and proven methods and tools to ensure that its systems meet the highest standards in terms of intrinsic safety, failure rates, and reliability. Safety tests and certifications are witnessed by internationally recognised independent assessors to guarantee the highest level of quality.

ISE has achieved SIL certification for its systems in full adherence to EN50126, EN50128, EN 50129, and EN 50657 standards, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing systems that are not only advanced but also reliably safe. ISE’s strict standards and thorough certification process ensure that clients and industry stakeholders can trust the company’s fire protection systems completely.

Reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety (RAMS) in the railway sector

At ISE, the design and development of each product are supported by a holistic framework to ensure that its products perform reliably throughout their lifecycles and continue to uphold the highest safety standards. The company also ensures that its RAMS system parameters align with its customers’ expectations. This means that ISE’s systems are dependable and fully available for use while also being cost-effective to maintain.

Integrating RAMS principles into every stage of development for all of its products means that ISE can guarantee that each solution is engineered with a focus on long-term performance and sustainability. This helps to enhance the safety and efficiency of railway operations and optimise lifecycle costs to provide continuing value to clients. With every solution it creates, ISE aims to significantly contribute to the advancement of the railway industry’s safety and operational standards.

In-house development and custom rolling stock solutions

A unique strength of ISE lies in its ability to develop and validate all hardware and software solutions in-house. This capability grants ISE an unparalleled degree of flexibility and innovation in addressing specific needs across various railway platforms. Whether the requirement is for single coaches, locomotives, high-speed trains, or specialised freight systems, ISE can tailor its solutions to customer specifications, ensuring compatibility, efficiency, and safety across many diverse operational scenarios.

Flexibility and customisation are essential for addressing the unique challenges and requirements of each project to ensure that every client receives solutions that are specifically aligned with their operational needs.

Rolling stock sustainability and environmental responsibility

ISE is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, integrating green practices into its operations and product development processes. The company’s zero-emission production facility and its management system have been certified according to EN 14001 and EN 45001 standards, demonstrating its commitment to creating a more sustainable future for the railway industry.

ISE not only meets the current needs of the railway industry but also anticipates future challenges related to environmental sustainability, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and reduce the environmental impact of transportation systems.

About ISE

Throughout its history, ISE has distinguished itself not just through its duration in the industry but by the depth of its contributions, particularly in the area of railway fire safety. A testament to the company’s commitment to excellence is its impressive array of projects certified according to the UNI 11565 Fire Protection standard for rolling stock, which is considered the most advanced in the world and requires SIL2 certification for all safety critical functionalities.

First founded in 1993, ISE is dedicated to meeting and surpassing the highest safety benchmarks. The company specialised in embedded high-technology electronic systems, before becoming a pioneer in the rail safety and systems innovation sector, which reflects its relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation for the benefit of its customers.

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