combi coop

Rail instead of road transport projects enable a faster and more effective means of transporting container goods from the factory to the railway via freight vehicle without transaction at a terminal.

The first test transport of the combined freight transportation independent of a terminal was carried out in southern Burgenland (Austria) with the well-established MOBILER-System of the Rail Cargo Group.

Containers can be handled quickly and straightforwardly between freight vehicles and railway-cars almost everywhere by means of special container shifting systems, by one single person, without any assistance and without costly terminal equipment.

The project ‘Combi Coop II’ was nominated as one the 5 top candidates of the 2017 VCÖ Mobility Award in the category ‘Energy-efficient freight traffic’.

Project partners are nine companies from the southern Burgenland region as well as a forwarding company.

Client: Project funded by AWS (Austria Economic Service) (Austrian Ministry for Traffic, Innovation and Technology)

Service: Traffic design