Four underground railway lines are being constructed on a total length of 172km in Doha, Qatar, in the scope of phase 1 of the Doha Metro project.

At the end of May, track slab design was approved by the Design Verification Engineer DVE. Furthermore, the noise and vibration assessment was completed and the effectivity of the mass-spring systems was verified in a 1:1 in-situ test.

The track system is currently under construction. It is designed as ballastless Porr slab track system including light and heavy mass-spring systems as required. All in all approximately 80% of the precast track slabs have been already produced and are being installed continuously. The section comprises tunnel, at-grade and bridge sections.

In addition turnout areas and the associated transition areas on ballastless track were developed and planned. The track design was revised and adapted for the installation of the slab track system.

VCE carried out noise and vibration assessment determining emission reduction measures (e.g. mass-spring systems) for providing the protection targets regarding vibrations, ground-borne noise and airborne noise. In order to verify the effectivity of the proposed mass-spring systems, true size mock-ups were installed, tested and their performance was verified.

The section of Phase 1 is to be put into operation in 2020, in due time before the start of the Football World Cup in 2022.

Service: Project development and system configuration, concept and detailed design total track system, alignment, noise and vibration protection design, measurements on site

Client: Porr Qatar Construction WLL