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Train Driver Test System

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SCHUHFRIED’s Vienna test system — the worldwide standard for computerised psychological assessment — includes an innovative test battery for the objective and valid identification of suitable train drivers.

Test battery for train driver assessment

The test battery has been designed to meet the requirements of the Third Railway Package for the European Licence for Train Drivers (Directive 2007/59/EC), aimed at maintaining high levels of train safety within the European Union. The high psychometric standard and practical utility of the test battery undoubtedly sets new standards within the field of psychological assessment of railway personnel.

The test battery for train drivers assesses all the criteria listed in the Third Railway Package. It ensures that the right people, with the right skills, are identified.

Testing of train drivers’ cognitive, psychomotor and personality traits

Cognitive abilities tested are:

Train drivers must have appropriate psychological fitness to ensure that overall operational and safety standards are met.
The test battery for train drivers in the Vienna test system has been designed to assess all factors that are relevant in the railway context.
The tests for train drivers are developed in such a way that the highest return of information is obtained in the shortest time.
The coloured test profile shows the strengths and weaknesses of a prospective train driver's response at a glance; the table lists the results and relates them to the scores of a comparison group.
The ranking module shows which applicants are best suited to becoming train drivers.
  • Concentration: COG (cognitrone)
  • Memory: INSBAT (visual short-term memory)
  • Vigilance: WAFV (vigilance / sustained attention)
  • Logical reasoning: INSBAT (figural-inductive reasoning)
  • Communication: IBF VIF (verbal intelligence functions)
  • Perception: LVT (visual pursuit test)

Psychomotor abilities tested are reaction time with the reaction test (RT) and hand coordination with the two-hand coordination test (2HAND).

Personality traits are tested by the Eysenck personality profiler version 6 (EPP6). Emotional stability, responsibility and autonomy can all be measured with this test.

Tests for selection of stationmasters and rail traffic controllers

The Vienna test system also provides a large number of high-quality tests for the selection of staff in other areas of a railway company such as stationmasters, rail traffic controllers and administration staff.

User-friendly testing for train drivers

Using the test system is straightforward and logical. It is convenient and easy to enter candidates’ details, administer test sessions and manage the results. A wide range of functions is provided to make work easier.

Test results can be displayed at any time as an on-screen summary, printed out or processed further, either in tabular form or as a coloured test profile.

At the press of a button results can be exported directly into a full text assessment report. The ranking function enables fast and efficient comparison of the results of different applicants.

Scientifically proven testing for train drivers

All our tests are scientifically proven and continually updated with the creation of new test forms and norms. In-house projects and studies form an essential part of the further development process; we also work in collaboration with selected institutes, enterprises and hospitals on an international level.

Multiple-language testing for train drivers

SCHUHFRIED is the leading provider of computerised psychological assessment. The tests are available in multiple languages, reflecting its international orientation.

We have equipped major railway companies all over the world with the Vienna test system. Our reference list includes:

  • Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), Austria
  • Belgian Railways (SNCB), Belgium
  • DB GesundheitsService, Germany
  • Indian Railways, India
  • Japanese Railway (Sumitomo), Japan
  • Queensland Rail, Australia
  • Spanish Railways (RENFE, ADIF), Spain
  • Swiss Railways (SBB), Switzerland
  • Taiwan High-Speed Railway, Taiwan


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