Following a successful showcase in 2016, Unex has announced that it will be attending Innotrans 2018.

Insulating cable management solutions for the railway sector will be displayed on the stand 14.1/305.

A team of engineers with vast technical expertise will assist the visitors at the UNEX stand with a variety of non-metallic cable management solutions such as the Cable Tray 66, the Slotted trunking 88, and the specialised cable ties 22.



  • Dielectric strength: protection against the risk of electrocution through indirect contact.

In front of fire:

  • Reduces the risk of electrical arcs and fire sources.
  • Own formulation of our raw materials, providing outstanding features with regards to standard ones.

Reliability of the signal transmitted:

  • Avoids eddy currents and facilitates the control of the grounding system.

Cost reduction

Earthing not required:

  • No need for copper conductors.
  • No costs derived from connecting the conducting element to the grounding system or from periodical checking.
  • No induced or leakage currents, avoiding premature corrosion which usually affects metallic channelling.
  • Lower installation costs

Over 35 years experience in outdoor installations

Non-metallic material:

  • Resistant to corrosion caused by outdoor exposure or by saline, polluted or chemically aggressive environments.
  • Sturdy design, high impact resistance.
  • Good performance outdoors and suitable for UV exposure, due to our own formulated raw materials.

Mounting and integration

Complete system of accessories and supporting elements in grey RAL 7035:

  • Several mounting arrangements are possible
  • Homogeneous colour of the trays, trunkings and fittings, perfectly fits with other constructive elements
  • Can be painted

Rolling stock

Unex Slotted trunkings 88 in U43X (own-formulated raw material) have successfully passed tests of fire safety according to EN 45545-2 (2013), meeting the requirements R22-R23 (both inside and outside railway vehicles) for hazard levels HL1 to HL3.

Safe installation is assured by the trunking’s sturdiness.

The cover is easy to mount and remove and does not fall or slide in any mounting position.

Two possibilities to cut the trunking sidewall: either removing the finger or cutting until the base.

Rounded fingers: no cutting tips or edges, avoiding damage to cables and personal injury, both during mounting and transportation, not affected by vibrations.