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Cable Management Systems

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Unex manufactures innovative raw materials for insulating (non-metallic) cable management systems in the rail sector.

Founded in 1964, the company develops insulating systems for the conduction, tying, fixing and marking of cables and tubes in power, data signal, climate control and ancillary installations.

Unex’s portfolio includes a wide range of thermoplastic solutions such as cable trays, slotted trunkings and cable ties to meet the requirements of cable conduction and protection.

Insulating cable management systems for the rail industry

Unex solutions provide a variety of technical characteristics that are beneficial for different types of installations. First of all, they provide electrical safety through the insulating material with class II type of electrical insulation in which earthing is not required. Also, Unex products are resistant to corrosion and aggressive environments.

UNEX offers a complete range of cable management systems for rail applications.
Insulating cable trays are available in our U23X raw material, as well as U48X halogen-free material.
Slotted trunking 88 in U43X halogen-free (HL3-R22 acc./EN 45545-2).
Outdoor cable ties in U61X and indoor cable ties in U60X.
Our insulating cable trays are designed to conduct and protect railway network signalling cables.
Our insulating cable trays are suitable for cable distribution applications along railway viaducts.
Insulating Cable Tray 66 in U23X. Cable distribution system along a railway viaduct.
Insulating Cable Tray 66 in U23X. Cable trays installed inside the tunnel.
Available in U43X halogen-free materials, our slotted trunking is used in cable conduction system inside a cabinet.
Slotted trunking 88 in U43X halogen-free (HL3-R22 acc./ EN 45545-2). Cable conduction system inside a cabinet.

Other features, such as quick and easy mounting, mechanically resistant and no need for maintenance give added value to Unex products. Unex has more than 40 years of experience in outdoor installations using cable tray 66 in U23X raw material. A product suitable for outdoors and with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, guaranteed by UL certification.

The quality of Unex solutions is guaranteed by the strict accomplishment of product and application standards, as well as by obtaining quality marks and approvals.

Halogen-free slotted trunking

Unex manufactures slotted trunking in U43X, which is own-formulated raw material that has successfully passed safety tests according to EN 45545-2 (2013), while meeting industry requirements R22-R23 (both inside and outside railway vehicles) for hazard levels HL1 to HL3.

These high-quality slotted trunkings have significant potential in applications where the demand for halogen-free products is increasing such as infrastructure, signalling, rolling stock and public buildings.

Unex’s slotted trunking assures a safe installation due to its sturdiness, with a secure, easy-to-install cover. Due to its smooth design, neither the cables insulation nor the user’s hand protection are affected during mounting, transport or in applications subjected to vibrations. Moreover, Unex slotted trunkings 88 have successfully passed the tests according to IEC 61373:2010 ‘Railway applications. Rolling stock equipment. Shock and vibration test’.

Corrosion-resistant, non-metallic cable trays

Unex manufactures insulating, corrosion-resistant cable trays in U23X raw material and U48X halogen-free raw material.

The company’s system has been used for decades in outdoor and indoor installations in many different countries and locations, especially in adverse and corrosive environments.

It reduces installation costs as grounding and maintenance are not required, and Unex’s raw material provides mechanical-resistance, ultraviolet (UV) protection and around 18kV/mm of insulation, reducing the risk of electrical arcs and fire sources.

Cable ties for interior and exterior rail applications

Unex’s complete portfolio of cable ties is used in a wide range of rail applications such as control panels, rolling stock, and indoor and outdoor installations.

They are manufactured using the company’s own halogen-free raw material to ensure optimal electrical safety and facilitate hand-thread mounting.

Unex’s cable ties have obtained many quality marks and approvals according to EN62275 standards, including the UL approval for both the end-product and the raw material.

Trunking systems for cable installations

Unex manufactures the Trunking 73 in U23X raw material and U41X/U43X halogen-free raw material.

The company’s trunking system can be used for surface distribution of power and data cables on walls and ceilings in a variety of indoor and outdoor installations. Also, the system offers multiple compartments to separate and protect cables of different services.

Mini-trunking systems for interior cable distribution

Unex manufactures the Mini trunking 78 in U23X raw material and U41X/U43X halogen-free raw material.

The company’s trunking system of small dimensions with external cover and surface mounting is suitable for power distribution and communication cables on walls and ceilings. The system also has one or two compartments to separate circuits.

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