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Power Conversion Solutions for the Railway Industry



Turbo Power Systems (TPS) designs, develops and manufactures power conversion equipment for the railway market. The company has earned recognition from its global client base for providing innovative and customised solutions for all train platforms.

TPS provides high-performance power conversion solutions with sustainable design, lean manufacturing, agile engineering, proven quality, optimal maintenance and best-in-class customer service.

Power conversion equipment for railway applications

TPS’s suite of power conversion equipment includes DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-AC and AC-DC converters, as well as auxiliary power supply (APS) equipment, battery chargers and rafts, and traction systems.

TPS has supplied more than 150 auxiliary power supply (APS) units for light rail projects in the US (JFK Airport Access), China (Beijing Airport) and Malaysia (KL Putra).
TPS have supplied over 2,000 APS units for metro projects worldwide, including Canada (TTC), the US (Marta), Turkey (Ego Ankara), and the UK (London Underground).
More than 1,000 power converters have been provided by TPS for regional projects, including the UK's Mk3 coaches, Class 165, 321, 318, 320 and 442 rail vehicles, Night Rivera Sleepers and Turbostars.
TPS have supplied more than 1,000 power converters for intercity projects, with clients such as Alstom Pendolino, Virgin East Coast and Great Western Railways.
The company has delivered traction systems and inverters for locomotive projects worldwide, including National Railway Equipment Company (NREC) locomotives in the US and Ned Trains in the Netherlands.
TPS has provided more than 450 APS units for monorail projects in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Malaysia.
The company has received numerous accreditations and awards.
TPS helps train operators, rolling stock manufacturers, transit authorities and overhaul firms to reduce maintenance costs.
Engineering services provided by the company include mechanical / electrical design, installation, safety validation, product development and commissioning, training and support.
TPS's 55,000ft² manufacturing facility features over 100 dedicated resources.

Key product benefits include high reliability / efficiency, a low carbon footprint, compact / robust designs, wide operating voltages, high shock and vibration resistance, harmonic / over voltage protection and dead battery start capabilities, as well as seamless communication features over controller area networks (CAN), multi-vehicle buses (MVB), Ethernet and RS232.

TPS products help global rolling stock manufacturers, train operators, transit authorities and overhaul firms to reduce life maintenance costs for their fleets. The company caters to different rolling stock, including light rail, metro, regional, intercity, locomotives and monorail platforms.

TPS have successfully executed more than 50 rolling stock projects worldwide, many of them with complex challenges. The company continues to work with customers to expand their product capabilities through innovation and cutting-edge technologies, such as silicon carbide-based devices (SiCs).

Maintenance, repair and overhaul support services

TPS have a dedicated service team that supports the maintenance, repair and overhaul of its rail products.

The team provides diagnostic health checks, advisory services / programmes on product lifecycles, repair agreements, local after-sales and engineering support, as well as overhaul expertise in replacing legacy applications.

Engineering services for power conversion systems

TPS offers a wide array of services, including electrical / mechanical design, installation, safety validation, new product development and commissioning support and training.

The company’s engineering team work with clients at any stage of the procurement process to create an optimal design that complies with product specifications. They are supported by a dedicated drawing office and software tools for printed circuit design, modelling and reliability calculation.

TPS has been a leading pioneering specialist in rail power electronics for more than 30 years. The company’s qualified staff carry out research and development that focuses on innovative, cutting-edge products.

Services are performed at TPS’s 55,000ft² manufacturing facility, which offers more than 100 dedicated resources.

About Turbo Power Systems (TPS)

In the late 1980s, professor Colin Besant and his team representing Turbo Genset were developing patented axial flux technology to design efficient high-speed generators. The company’s successful developments led to the acquisition of another firm, ‘Intelligent Power Systems’, to deliver power electronics solutions for its generator systems, as well as facilitate its expansion into the railway industry. A merger of these two companies led to the birth of TPS.

Today, the company is renowned for understanding customer needs, designing bespoke solutions, resolving complex issues and delivering results. It has been accredited with a UK Railway Industry Award (UKRIA) for Traction and Rolling Stock, as well as an Elektra award for Power System of the Year.

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