TELICE supplies technical products, electrification systems and signalling and communication projects for the railway industry.

Our expertise and innovation have led to the development of the t-Cat OLE Mobile Mapping solution that will be presented at our stand (72B) at Rail Live! 2019.

t-Cat OLE Mobile Mapping is an innovative system that represents a step forward in the area of catenary mapping, equipped with electronics and sensors based on new technologies such as LIDAR, among others, can provide reliable and real-time information to the user in the field and make it also accessible through a cloud collaborative platform.

Due to optimal design and balance between usability, speed and precision, t-Cat has become an autonomous device capable of automatically locate the contact wire and measure its height and stagger, as well as clearances and horizontal/vertical gauges.

Providing the user with the following geometrical parameters:

  • Height and stagger of contact wire
  • Track gauge
  • Clearances
  • Odometer readings
  • Pictures
  • Railtrack cant (crossing level) and scope (longitudinal level)
  • Tunnel profile

All those measures are used to generate customised reports (poles and midspan profiles, height and stagger tables and graphics) and will be accessible anytime from the Cloud platform.

The t-Cat can ease the work in many different use cases:

  • Engineering design surveying
  • As-built documentation
  • Control of minimal electrical clearances
  • Tunnel survey
  • Train clearances
  • Vegetation control

Come to visit us at Rail Live! 2019 at stand 72B and you could see at first hand the t-Cat and a live demonstration.

t-Cat is the last version of a solution developed and improved for TELICE thanks to several internal research and development projects during the last ten years and it is currently supported with European funding.

This project is cofounded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union under grant agreement No 778608

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