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Winding and Power Connecting Cables for the Railway Industry

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With over 60 years of experience, SOFILEC is a European leader in the design and manufacture of electrical copper and aluminium strips, wires, stranded cables and shaped parts for electro-mechanical applications. Over the years it has developed close partnerships with the railways department of major companies, including Siemens, ABB, Alstom, Areva and Hyundai based on its quality, reliability, reactivity and competitive solutions.

The technical team helps the customer to anticipate industrial trends and market needs. It is committed to supplying everything to find the ideal solution. This results in the highest quality from the whole range of SOFILEC products and a permanent partnership with the customer.

SOFILEC’s facilities are ISO 9001 certified and homologated for all European railway’s wire requirements.

Winding and power connecting cables for railways

SOFILEC solutions include winding and power connecting cables for railways. They are integrated into motors, reactors, transformers and power electronics HF litz wires.

SOFILEC designs and manufactures electrical strips, wires and cables for railways.
SOFILEC offers rigid or flexible stranded cables.
Reduce the manufacturing cycle with shaped parts for your wire and cable connections.
Insulated strips have been co-developed with customers to increase winding performance.
A polyimide covered strip is the main coil component of a train motor.

Copper and aluminium stranded cables

The stranded cables of copper or aluminium have metallurgical and mechanical characteristics. The cables have class A, E and H insulation for oil or dry transformers and can be adapted to your specific requirements, from 100m to many tons.

The manufacturing cycle can be reduced by integrating SOFILEC-shaped parts, wires and cables into the production process. Kitting and just-in-time logistics rules are provided.

Winding wires for railways

SOFILEC winding wires are co-developed with customers to increase performances in winding. The wires range from 5mm² to 150mm² and are insulated for class A, E and H thermal index with Nomex® 410 or T926.

Enamelled round wires

SOFILEC wires, packed in barrels or drums, help design departments to save losses and weight. The wires range from 1.2mm to 4mm, grade 1, 2 or 3 and they are insulated with Nomex® 410 or T926 for Class H.

Polyimide-covered copper and aluminium strips

Copper or aluminium strips insulated with polyimide such as Kapton® FN, FCR and Apical® are the main components of coils for train, tramway, loco and metro motors.

Winding wire solutions for railways

SOFILEC will work with you to innovate and develop your ideal winding wire solutions.

SOFILEC offers:

  • Space into the slot or core type winding
  • Longer life in hard environments
  • High thermal index F, H and C
  • Reduction of all electric losses (joules and harmonic)
  • Lighter winding and machines with aluminium solutions


  • Walsall to Rugeley Electrification

    Network Rail began the electrification of the railway segment between Rugeley Trent Valley and Walsall on the Chase suburban railway line in West Midlands region in the UK in November 2013.

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